The extension is not something you can significantly improve on these, as adding an aggressive bass shelf can easily start distorting the bass; still, it does alleviate some of that roll-off. I anticipate it to have at least a carrying case along with these headphones. Plus, the rumble of the bass on these headphones are just incredible! Sennheiser is known as one of the world’s foremost brands when it comes to high quality, professional-level headphones. But in these, I could pinpoint the source of the voice. Sennheiser’s 600-series headphones are not particularly well-known for their bass, and unfortunately, the HD 58X follows suit. The HD58X is the result of a collaboration between DROP (formerly Massdrop) and Sennheiser. I mean for $150, you are getting solid bass, forward and energetic mids and top-notch treble performance. Overall, I still think that the HD 58X are pretty good in the dynamics department, as they do a much better job at it than most headphones in its price range, and even some above it. The Massdrop X Sennheiser HD58X Jubilee is a $149 open-backed headphone with a detachable cable that's exclusive to Massdrop. The packaging is basic in every standard, although a tad bit more premium feeling than their own HD 598SE. 2017 Spring, No.1 earphone brand. But it might be due to my gear and the headphones might perform better with other gear which unfortunately I don’t have ? Since the sound now goes outside of the headphones, the experience feels as if the sound is coming from the entire room. They have a two-tone, dark gray and black color scheme with a glossy coating. But where does the HD 58X Jubilee fit in all this? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The large open ear cups have a suede-like finish on the padding that gives these headphones a premium appeal. This is because, the headphones have a tight fit around your ears. DO NOT use third party pads as these headphones really don't like other pads, stick with the OEM pad if you get replacements. My audiophile journey started when I bought my first open-back headphones, the Sennheiser HD598SE.....for gaming. For the listening tests I used a variety of music that featured genres like Rock, Jazz, Classical, Acoustic, Hip-Hop, and Latin, as well as others. These headphones have one of the best sounding bass that I have heard from a pair of open-back headphones at this price point! Deaf Guy here. My only complaint is the durability of the pads. With these Sennheiser no amp is needed, even though they might benefit, there is no need to make them "sound better," these are plug and play. Disclaimer: The Sennheiser HD 560S headphone was sent to us by Sennheiser directly, in exchange for our honest review.Sennheiser is not related to Headfonia in any way.. Sennheiser. But remember, in headfi there are some hobbyists and in a forum everyone can say that this open Beats hp is a miracle, but you’re a professional and mu suggestio is to ponderate your young enthusiasm for product that deserve it. Bottom line, for me, the $150 HD58X is arguably one of the best entries in Sennheiser’s HD6-series, and the absurd price advantage it carries over all other models makes it an easy recommendation." A company like Sennheiser needs no introduction. Getting your product to you as fast as possible is important to us! Talk with me on fb. Now, on to the most subjective part of the review: sound. Overall, the HD 58X have a winning combination in their low-power requirements, durable build, and enjoyable sound signature–an unbeatable value at $170, and it only gets better with EQ. But wait! I mean, as a reference, the HD 598SE feels like a soft woolly muffler wrapped around your ears and these feel like 2 cups strapped to your head. Replacement pads always change the sound and on the HD600 series never for the better. Though the build here consists nearly entirely of plastic, I still believe that these are some of the best-built headphones available. It features the all too familiar Sennheiser 600 -series chassis, with a visual design that pays homage to Sennheiser’s original HD 580 Jubilee. Asus Zenfone 5Z -> Fiio Q1 (Mk.1) -> HD 58X, Elvis Presley – “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”, John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, and Paco De Lucía –. The same goes for CS:GO. Includes: SENNHEISER HD58X, 3.5mm 1.5m cable, 3m 6mm cable, adapter for 3.5mm female to 6.5mm male Images × Re: Sennheiser HD 58X. Ok, i don’t want to troll. Maybe deaf is not the right word. I have used several other headphones with this design in the past, and not once have I had any of them fall apart or show signs of wear–even after extensive use. Even with tubes it isn’t even close and this is the first and only time I have ever seen someone say all these headphones are equally sibilant. Whilst they do have a good left, right, and center image, there is a noticeable gap at front-right and front-left. Now, I am going to compare the HD 58X to 3 other headphones which are HD 650, Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250ohm and my old HD 598SE. Unlike some other "produced by Massdrop" products...this one is actually made by Sennheiser, in their factory in Ireland. 15 Apr 2018 0 When I sit down to test out a pair of headphones, I'll … With these headphones, you can hear the squeak of the guitar string in the greatest fidelity as the guitarist changes the chord. Your email address will not be published. The first thing that stood out to me was this very large peak at 5.5k that added a considerable amount of glare. Because of its historical importance and the fact that audio lovers adore this headphone, Sennheiser and Massdrop decided to create the HD58X Jubilee. Then comes guitar. It does share some similarities to the Unique Melody ME1 planar IEM that I own though., started by Andrew and Taron Lissimore, was founded in 2016 with a strict focus on delivering the best customer service possible. However, this can quickly be alleviated by extending the headband out all the way and gently flexing the part that extends so that it relieves some of the clamp. But after I tried them personally, only these 3 words came to my mind, “Oh my god”! The only adjustment I make in the mids is a very small reduction at 3.5k, and I only do that because I am personally a little sensitive to that region of the FR. I hope my photos are of adequate quality. Man, I simply love musics which only have a single acoustic guitar playing. Now, even though these are open-back headphones, they don’t leak as much as the HD 598SE does, but still at full volume, people on a crowded bus will easily tell which song is being played. Now, on to the main review.