One trick you can try is scattering different toys and treats on the floor without your Russian Bear Dog in the room, then let him in that area to observe which one he picks or goes to first. Height: 13 to 15 inches. Watch how Hugo do an excellent job at obedience training! Best Deer Hunting Dog — The American Foxhound. Not only to be safe, but most people and pets would also be very intimidated by the size of your Caucasian Mountain Shepherd. It is a fact that the Caucasian shepherd is considered as one of the biggest breeds in the world. Before taking out your wallet, the people selling this pooch should be following the Caucasian Ovcharka Working Dog Club of America’s (COWDCA) guide for ethical breeders, who has a goal to promote the versatility of this canine. Find Karelian Bear Dog Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Karelian Bear Dog information. No, not Danish. You should also see a waistline through his coat. That means this dog is perfect for homes where they have a lot of space to move around or exercise on their own. They have a broad face similar to a bear and a deep-set of dark, oval eyes. Today, the Karelian Bear Dog stands as one of the top 10 most common breeds in Finland. In Japan, the image of Akita is used… The Caucasian Shepherd can pose to be a challenge to train, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Just look at Titan, one of the largest Russian Bear Dogs in the world, with his partner Frida, and their puppies! For long-haired mountain dogs, you would need to brush their coat daily. Even though your children understand canine behavior and body language, never leave them unsupervised with any dog, especially with the Ovcharka. You can check these links to see if there are Russian Bear-hunting dogs that need a new home: If you think that the Ovcharka is not the breed you’re looking for, there are similar dogs that are hard workers and great for cuddling! It’s a group or category of large, sturdy canines that includes scenthounds, sighthounds, mastiff breeds, and mountain dogs. Historically, this breed would depict cropped ears to avoid predators from biting and clinging on to them. Aside from that, they are calm and devoted to their humans – a personality that will melt your heart. But thanks to its history of wandering properties and territories for hours as a job, the Ovcharka is the perfect walking or hiking buddy! Not only that, but it can also create problematic behaviors, and worse, he might fight back. First off is to understand that certain dog breeds work best when hunting certain game. Even if they are bred for stamina and endurance, Ovcharkas are a low-energy kind of dog. But if you would have the two breeds face to face, the Pit is no match for this mountain dog. ... Another pick for hunting larger quarry is the Karelian Bear Dog. But nowadays, it’s up to the owner if they want their mountain dog’s ears cropped or not. He’d be able to see birds or even cars passing by, too! Has it ever shown aggressive tendencies? Bear hunting dog breeds; Small hunting dog breeds; German hunting dog breeds; Types of Hunting Dogs. The Russian Bear Dog is territorial and very protective of its family, and it can be wary of strangers. Some hunting lines are bred and raised to be game dogs. You can see them in black, white, gray, cream, fawn, or a rusty red-brown shade. A Pitbull is way easier to groom and is a better option if you live in an apartment. 4 min read 0 Comments. So keep reading our guide to see if you’ve got what it takes to handle such an independent breed. This breed can weigh around 110 to 200 pounds (50 to 91 kg) and grow up to 30 inches (76 cm) tall. 10 dog breeds that originated in Germany Great Dane. And if it had any prior training? And with all their hair, this breed is not hypoallergenic. In my opinion, in order to judge a bear dog you need to judge the bears that you are hunting first. Breed Appearance: What does a Russian Bear Dog look like? Also known as Leo or Leonbergi, this gentle lion can grow up to 31 1/2 inches (80 cm) in height and can weigh as heavy as 170 pounds (77 kg). Caucasian shepherds were first described by the famous Russian Cynologist Aleksandr Mazover, noting that the center of distribution of the breed, both in terms of numbers and quality, were G… They also have sharp, pointy teeth that resemble fangs and are very useful when tearing the skin of predators. Have you seen this massive dog in your neighborhood or the park? Also, ask if the Caucasian Shepherd does well with other dogs or pets. The Russian Bear Dog’s coat comes in different colors, too. It can even be more expensive because of all the vet bills that you would have to pay if your very affordable dog turns out to have a lot of health problems. Others were more recently bred to fit specific hunting roles. This breed is smart but confident, but only because they are incredibly independent. There are numerous dog breeds out there, and some of them are bred for certain tasks. If you're in the need for a boar hunting companion of the four-legged kind, might we suggest these hog dogs: So even if your mountain dog wouldn’t listen and gets disrespectful, be patient and continue setting boundaries. The shorter the fur to protect him may also cause skin problems. Compared to the Ovcharka who kind of looks like a bear, the Leonberger resembles a lion in appearance. To make sure your mountain dog is not obese, you should be able to feel his ribs without the need to apply pressure. When it comes to bear hunting dogs, there are a number of good options. Here are some of the breeds that you can consider if you want a big, working, or active canine that can protect you and your loved ones. Primary Use: Retrieving waterfowl. Your Ovcharka’s socialization should be persistent throughout his life. It will put a bear to flight or attack it with great pugnacity. Since this mountain dog is not very active, they can easily become overweight or have digestive problems like bloating. The Caucasian Mountain Shepherd can cost between $1,000 to $3,000. Pheasant Hunting Dogs: English Springer Spaniel. So it’s best if this mountain dog stays in a rural home that has a secured backyard that it can freely explore. Don’t forget to brush your dog’s teeth 2 to 3 times a week, and clip his nails regularly to avoid breakage or painful ingrown. Size: 50 to 80 pounds. The breed’s physique and masculinity make the Ovchark one of the largest dog breeds.