Each school's ranking is based on the compilation of our data from reliable government sources, student surveys, college graduate interviews, and editorial review. From emojis to road signs to the shirt you’re wearing right now, virtually everything we see is the product of graphic design. As part of the graduation requirements, students are required to participate in a senior seminar and exhibit in which they prepare and present their personal work for critique and review. Recognized as an affordable accredited university for a graphic design degree, Arkansas Tech University is a public institution of higher education located in Russellville, Arkansas. Depending on the program, students can expect to spend four years fulfilling the degree requirements to earn a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. Graphic DesignIn-State Tuition: $7,960Out-of-State Tuition: $13,835Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 16:1. In the #2 spot is University of West Alabama, offering a BA in Integrated Marketing Communications - Graphic Design for $9,750 … A member of the Nebraska State College System, WSC offers two low-cost options for students looking for a cheap graphic design degree, each of which requires 120 credits of study: a top-value Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. To accomplish these, these companies typically turn to the expertise of a graphic designer. More than 150 certificate and degree programs are available to the 30,000 students that attend each year. A low-cost graphic design degree from Doane also prepares students to continue their studies in a graduate school setting. The BLS reports that the annual mean wagefor graphic designers was $50,370 per year, or $24.21 per hour, as of May 2018. SWOSU’s BFA in Graphic Design is a four-year bachelor’s program with an in-house Graphic Design Studio internship opportunity. In this ranking, we awarded points based on each school’s student-to-faculty ratio, as reported by NCES. Husson University’s BS in Graphic/Visual design is a 120-122 credit hour program that gives students the opportunity to work hands-on with real-world clients to develop their professional portfolio. Offered through the College of Arts and Sciences, the curriculum includes courses in digital media, photography, design, drawing, and conceptual thinking. The Department of Visual Arts at BYU-Hawaii offers a cheap Bachelor of Arts in Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, each with a graphic design track. Students learn to deal with real-life clients and how contracts and sales work in the industry. Through the curriculum, students learn to effectively communicate through visuals while developing personal design and aesthetic values. Founded in 1905 as a teacher’s college, Northwest Missouri State University is a public university located in Maryville, Missouri. The senior capstone project includes the development of a professional portfolio. Image credit: Terry Robinson (Flickr) The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is one of the largest independent schools of art and design in the country, with around 3,650 students. Areas of study include advanced ceramics, painting, and drawing as well as two- and three-dimensional design, basic video production, graphic design, digital media, Western art history, visual arts, and intercultural communication. However, before you commit money and time to a formal program, it is important to understand what your job prospects will be after you graduate. Graphic DesignIn-State Tuition: $7,844Out-of-State Tuition: $13,166Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 21:1. Aside from the portfolio, students may wish to gain additional experience through internships between their junior and senior years, specialized topics, and independent studies. We gathered tuition data directly from each school’s website. Around 80 of its 290 undergraduate degree programs are offered entirely online. At the culmination of the program, students will have developed skills and knowledge regarding design across media types, design impact and sustainability, professional practice, design thinking, effective communication through design, and cultural change, context, and audience. All students are required to complete a minimum one semester internship with local businesses. A member of the Nebraska State College System, WSC offers two low-cost options for students looking for a cheap graphic design degree, each of which requires 120 credits of study: a top-value Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. Degree Options:B.F.A. This course is designed to give students career experience in designing and pitching ideas as they would after graduation. Students may choose to intern nationally, regionally, locally, and on-campus. 2020 Most Affordable Online Graphic Design Degrees. Students are also exposed to Web design and production design, printmaking, and typography and layout. Students round out there degree with 18 hours in minor electives. The graphic design curriculum includes 15 credits of art core courses and 41 credits in the graphic design concentration. You have the drive, creative spirit, and maybe one or two technical skills. Graphic design students are also required to participate in an internship to earn their B.F.A. Students pursuing the inexpensive Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design are exposed to photography, three-dimensional animation, illustration, layout, typography, identity and branding, and visual communication. The certificate is a minimum 15 credit hours. Degree Options:B.F.A. University Park, PA. 6,955 reviews. For the BFA program, students will choose between an internship or an on-campus applied art and design work experience in addition to a senior research project. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree prepares students for direct entry into the industry by focusing on the graphic communication process, gaining real world experience in the field, and exhibiting work through the Dishman Art Museum. Please contact schools directly to confirm current and specific program pricing as we cannot guarantee our estimate accuracy. While institutions with high ratios may be more likely to offer majors and concentrations not available at smaller schools, colleges and universities with low ratios may be more likely to offer individualized mentoring, personalized studies, and opportunities for students to develop relationships with their professors and peers. Whether a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Fine Arts, a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design degree program is the first step to this lucrative and rewarding career. in Graphic DesignIn-State Tuition: $7,335Out-of-State Tuition: $14,235Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 21:1. Ranked among the most affordable colleges for a graphic design degree in the U.S., Wayne State College is a four-year public college located in Wayne, Nebraska. Degree Options:Bachelor of Science (BS) in Art, Graphic Design OptionBachelor of Arts (BA) in Art, Graphic Design OptionIn-State Tuition: $7,512Out-of-State Tuition: $7,512Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 21:1. Since companies are continually increasing their digital presence, they turn to graphic designers to help create effective and visually appealing website layouts. The maximum total possible was 90 points. Check out our rankings below! We’ve assembled and ranked a list of accredited degree programs that are affordably priced with a high admission rate so you can start on your career path with confidence. Some schools may offer an accelerated option for students looking to complete their degree in reduced time. Degree Options:Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic DesignIn-State Tuition: $7,254Out-of-State Tuition: $12,678Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 19:1. The BLS also indicates that the median annual wages for graphic designers were the highest in the following industries: The courses you can expect to take in a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design will depend on the school you are attending, but they are generally a combination of technical and creative classes. At Affordable Schools we’ve done the heavy lifting for you; explore our site and find the best, high quality affordable school for you. Graphic designers may also be tasked with developing interactive websites, implementing advertising campaigns, and designing commercial packaging products. PSC provides an affordable art program designed to prepare graduates who are successful and capable teachers, designers, and artists. The School of A+D also offers a Minor in Graphic Design. In addition to coursework, students will have the chance to exhibit their work in SWOSU’S Art Gallery. Foundation coursework covers drawing, two- and three-dimensional design, and beginner-level art history. School Profile The 90-unit affordable online associate’s in graphic design and interactive design program from Foothill College is a cheapest online AA program that prepares students for careers in branding, promotions, logo design, web design, illustration, and user experience design. Degree Options:Bachelor of Arts in Graphic DesignIn-State Tuition: $7,827Out-of-State Tuition: $7,827Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 40:1. Northern State University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic design program which is capstone by a senior written thesis, solo art exhibition, and completion of a resume. Artists with an existing degree in another field may want to obtain a professional certificate in graphic design. Below are 10 common positions for students who have earned a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), overall employment of graphic designers across all occupations is projected to increase 4 percent between 2016 and 2026, slower than the average for all occupations. The Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design degree at Mansfield University allows students to choose five degree emphasis options from subjects such as photography, advertising, and gallery management. Degree Options:Bachelor of Arts in Graphic DesignBachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic DesignIn-State Tuition: $5,560Out-of-State Tuition: $5,560Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 17:1. The Pomona outpost of California State Polytechnic University, better known as Cal Poly, is another of the more affordable graphic design schools to make our list. Nobody wants to wait around to get into an overpriced graphic design school. Graphic design uses visual art to communicate with consumers. The zip disks, CDs, and slides remain the property of Park University’s Department of Art, Design and Interdisciplinary Studies. With fast-changing technology at the forefront of everything we see and do, the role of visual communication is now more important than ever. During the senior year, students participate in a graphic design exhibition, and they are required to complete a professional portfolio that showcases the best examples of their work. All annual price data are reprinted from the U.S. Department of Education's 2018-2019 IPEDS Survey and multi-year program estimates are made based on multiples of yearly figures. An internship is required for graduation. Although each school is different and provides its own set curriculum that allows students to meet certain objectives, there are five fundamental graphic design courses found at most post-secondary institutions: Despite being a specialized field, graphic design is also multifaceted. Still unsure which school is right for you? A Bachelor’s in Graphic Design is a solid option for students looking to turn their artistic passion and talents into a long-term career. The school also offers a Digital Media Design program. Students pursuing this high-value graphic design degree are required to complete 21 hours in the graphic design major in areas such as illustration, art history, and graphic design as well as six hours in a senior project. The Arizona General Education Curriculum comprises 35 … Digital illustration and advertising design are among the likely courses you will take when at Upper Iowa University getting your online BA in graphic design online. Students receive training on the latest design software as well as the methods, procedures, and techniques that make up the design process. Students may access the graphic design lab 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever their creative juices are flowing. Therefore, we awarded the most points the latter based on the following ranges. Degree Options:Graphic DesignIn-State Tuition: $11,370Out-of-State Tuition: $11,370Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 14:1. Points:Under $7,500: 3 points$7,500 to $15,000: 2 points$15,001 and above: 1 point. After completing the program requirements, students will have developed a portfolio in preparation for employment in corporate design firms, television stations, design studios, advertising agencies, and other graphics-related industries. The program also includes an internship in graphic design as well as a senior portfolio and show. Internships are not required with this program, but are highly encouraged as the upper level practicum requires all students to work with real world clients. Degree Options:Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) WSC also offers related programs in electronic media, studio art, and PreK-12 art education. Topics of study include graphic design, digital imaging, art history, typography, app design and prototyping, Web design, and interaction design. ... offering students an affordable education. If you think pursuing a career in graphic design may be right for you, check out CollegeVine’s Top 30 schools for Graphic Design. The AA in Graphic Design is two year program requiring the completion of 64 credits. All students pursuing a low-cost graphic design degree at MWSU are required to complete internships at organizations, advertising agencies, design firms, and businesses to gain practical experience in the field before graduation. Some designers work with companies to create brand materials like logos, product packaging, and advertisements. This applies for both on-campus and online programs. Tips for Selecting the Right Program for You . Lamar University offers two types of graphic design degrees. in Art involves coursework in three-dimensional concepts, design principles, drawing concepts, readings in aesthetics, and the history of graphic design as well as global art history and contemporary art history. Each of these programs has something great to offer. Designers generally need at least a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or other related fields. An Associate in Applied Science in Computer Graphic Design is perfect for students looking to create captivating characters and worlds for games. Admittedly, you won’t find the longest or most impressive list of art programs here. Interested in learning graphic design online? The University of the District of Columbia, our best affordable college for a graphic design degree, is a public HBCU located in Washington, D.C. Students are required to complete coursework in design, media design, typography, motion, and interaction design, and they may select three courses from areas such as branding, design thinking, three-dimensional design, and a portfolio. We also provided out-of-state tuition rates for your reference. Established in 1966, Bellevue University is a nonprofit, private university in Bellevue, Nebraska and one of the most affordable colleges for a graphic design degree. Tuition: Portland residents … The major requires at least 39 hours. Brigham Young University is a nonprofit, private research university located in Provo, Utah. In addition, you can view our entire list of all Graphic Design schools located within Michigan. Most programs are comprised of about 40 courses or 120 credit hours of study. The economical B.F.A. Experienced faculty members teach the fundamentals of art, allowing students to graduate with a diverse portfolio of tools and skills. Students may pursue a cheap Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design at ECSU, a 124- to 125-semester-hour program that includes 46 to 47 hours of general education core classes. This is a continuing education program that is open to both beginning and advanced students. The Visual Communication Design bachelor’s program at West Liberty University was ranked #2 in the state by Animation Career Review. Prospective graphic design students can use our ranking of the best online graphic design programs to identify the right program for their interests and professional goals. Offerings include BA and BS degrees in Graphic Design. The Bachelor of Science degree combines graphic design with an outside major to prepare students for graduate school study in the arts. In-State Tuition: $2,736 per semester Out-Of-State Tuition: $6,480 per semester Admission Rate: 92% 1. We sorted these rates from lowest to highest and assigned points accordingly, with lower tuition rates receiving higher points. Located in Parkville, Missouri, Park University was founded in 1875 and has grown into one of the most affordable universities for a graphic design degree. An accredited university for a graphic design degree, the school’s Department of Art offers a cheap four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design. Before we could begin awarding points, however, we first needed to gather our initial list of schools by searching for graphic design bachelor’s degrees using the College Navigator tool at the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). If you're interested in a career in the digital arts or just looking As one of the most affordable graphic design degrees, it’s possible for students to … Established in 1851, it is the only public institution of higher education and one of the few urban land-grant universities in the nation. Degree Options:Graphic Design BFAIn-State Tuition: $5,620Out-of-State Tuition: $5,620Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 20:1. Students have many opportunities to display their work in Gallery 42, and both the UDC Photo Club and the UDC Art Student Union bring undergraduates together to listen to guest lecturers, take field trips, exchange ideas, and network within their disciplines. Best Online Healthcare Administration Programs, College Planning Guide for Students & Parents, Out-Of-State Tuition: $6,480 per semester, Out-Of-State Tuition: $6,618 per semester, Out-Of-State Tuition: $5,305 per semester, Out-Of-State Tuition: $7,148 per semester, Tuition: $6,202 per semester (in and out of state), Out-Of-State Tuition: $8,716 per semester, Out-Of-State Tuition: $8,461 per semester, Out-Of-State Tuition: $11,574 per semester, In-State Tuition: $7,344 per semester (in and out of state), Out-Of-State Tuition: $8,245 per semester, Out-Of-State Tuition: $11,367 per semester, Tuition: $9000 per semester (in and out of state), Out-Of-State Tuition: $9,035 per semester, Out-Of-State Tuition: $11,742 per semester. Discover the top arts and design schools based on the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2020.. Additionally, maintaining a professional portfolio helps show potential employers your creative capabilities. Five concentrations that may be available depending on the institution you attend include marketing and advertising design, game design, illustration, and sustainable design. We then narrowed down the initial pool of 20 colleges into the top 15 based on the methodology outlined below. Within the graphic design concentration, students may pursue either a cheap Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree, both of which allow students to develop a broad range of digital and traditional skills in the visual arts, including 33 credits in core classes such as illustration, animation, print and Web design, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, and painting. 25 Online Bachelor’s Colleges Under $10K Net Price, The 30 Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s-Granting Historically Black Colleges/Universities, The 25 Largest Public Colleges with Online Bachelor’s Programs, 35 Top Value Psychology Degree Online (Bachelor’s), 20 Best Affordable Online Colleges for Finance Degree (Bachelor’s), 15 Best Affordable Healthcare Management Degrees Programs (Bachelor’s), 15 Best Affordable Economics Degree Programs (Bachelor’s), 15 Best Affordable Public Relations Degrees (Bachelor’s). Small class sizes allow for one-on-one mentorship by art faculty, and spacious studios and design laboratories provide ample room in which students to explore their creative interests. For instance, employment of graphic designers working with a directory, book, periodical, or newspaper publisher is expected to decrease 22 percent, while employment of graphic designers working with computer systems design and related services will grow 20 percent over the same timeframe. What Is a Graphic Design School? Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith is a four-year, public university and one of 13 campuses that make up the University of Arkansas System. In addition to an internship, students have the opportunity to explore independent projects for credit. But you will find one of the country’s most affordable colleges for art and design, complete with a solid selection of degrees across graphic design and studio art (painting and sculpture). in ArtIn-State Tuition: $5,888Out-of-State Tuition: $12,416Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 10:1. From typography and photography to Web design and motion graphics, students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the professional world. Although this may initially seem like the job outlook is poor compared to other occupations that are growing at a more rapid rate, the projected change of employment will vary depending on the industry in which a graphic designer works. In this article, I'll discuss what a graphic design program is, how I created this list, the best graphic design schools, and how to choose the right program for you. Check out our list of affordable online colleges. The low-cost B.A. In the #2 spot is Liberty University, offering a tuition rate of $11,700 per academic year. There are plenty of top graphic design schools in New York City. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Graphic Designers make an average annual wage of $52,110. Keep in mind that, while salary is important and your career should meet your financial needs, your occupation should also fit your lifestyle, skills, and personality. We make it easy to search for affordable colleges by state, degree type or specific degree program. Located in Canyon, Texas, West Texas A&M University is a public institution of higher education and a member of the Texas A&M University System. In the following methodology, we strived to capture the balance between affordability and quality. The school limits enrollment in its cheap Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design to 40 students, and those accepted must first complete foundational courses before applying for the high-value BFA professional program through a portfolio review. The Parsons School of Design at The New School in New York City has a Graphic and Digital Design Certificate students can complete online or through a combination of online and on-campus coursework. Students can also pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and Studio Art. Affordable Graphic Design Schools. A military-friendly institution based in Bellevue, Nebraska, Bellevue University holds accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission. It is an applied learning program that includes research into portfolio development and an internship for experience. Art history and advanced studio courses help students synthesize diverse art theories and techniques. BFA in graphic design degree plans offer extensive technical training for students who know they want to pursue a career in this field. Tuition fees are currently $46,560 per year, with the school estimating total expenses of $60,800 to study at SAIC. Ranked by affordability, these 11 schools all offer online low-cost bachelor's degrees in art & design. Organizations and businesses of all sizes rely on visual media to convey key instructions to employees, public service announcements to citizens, and information to consumers. The Arizona State University Online BS in Graphic Information Technology is optimal for students who need the flexibility and convenience of an online degree program. For our ranking methodology, we identified the top schools … Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. The Graphic Design Club on campus regularly takes field trips to galleries and attends national events such as the National Design Conference in Dallas. We will make corrections as soon as possible. The Graphic Design BFA program at St. After some thought and careful consideration, you have decided that a graphic design career might be the right path for you. Doane University is a private liberal arts college in Crete, Nebraska that operates additional campuses in Omaha, Grand Island, and Lincoln. Students may choose to minor in commercial art. As a student in the School of Graphic Design, you’ll be mentored by faculty members with years of graphic design experience working with brand-name companies and strong ties to the overall industry (AIGA). Graduates are prepared to work with small or large advertising agencies, in-house creative departments, publishers, design firms, and on a freelance basis. The private non-profit charges just $454 per credit in the 120 unit degree. Most artists in this field use digital illustrations and typography to convey ideas in various forms such as website design and print media. Graduates are prepared for careers as Web designers, print designers, creative designers, and graphic designers. After completing their foundational courses, students must pass a Portfolio Review Benchmark with a minimum 2.5 GPA. Graduates from this program have found career placement in well-known companies such as Vogue. An internship, BFA capstone project, and design seminar are also required for graduation. Degree Options:Bachelor of Science in Graphic DesignIn-State Tuition: $3,194Out-of-State Tuition: $7,194Student-to-Faculty Ratio: 14:1. Peru State College, located in Peru, Nebraska, was founded in 1865 by members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. But there are also lesser-known graphic design schools in upstate New York as well. Flexible & affordable graphic design lessons. Best Affordable Pre-Law Degree Programs (Bachelor’s), Most Affordable Nurse Anesthesia Degree Programs (Master’s), Best Affordable Graphic Design Degree Programs (Bachelor’s), Most Affordable Colleges with the Best Return, Best Affordable American Sign Language Degree Programs (Bachelor’s), Most Affordable Large, Private, Nonprofit Bachelor’s Colleges, Best Affordable Online Communications and Public Relations Degree Programs (Master’s), Best Affordable Online International Relations Degree Programs (Bachelor’s), Best Affordable Forensic Science Degree Programs (Bachelor’s), Most Affordable Online Colleges in Georgia, Best Affordable Schools in Colorado for Bachelor’s Degree, Most Affordable Online Master’s-Granting HBCUs, Best Affordable Schools in California for Bachelor’s Degree, Best Affordable Networking and Network Administration Degree Programs (Bachelor’s), Best Affordable Colleges in Texas for Bachelor’s Degree, Most Affordable Statistics Degree Programs (Master’s), Best Affordable Online Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies Degree Programs (Bachelor’s), Advertising, public relations, and related services: $51,380, Newspaper, book, periodical, and directory publishers: $43,450. Arizona State University. There is also a graphic design certificate program open to all interested students and professionals. The school’s Department of Art, Theatre and Dance offers a cheap Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design that prepares students to enter this dynamic, in-demand field.