Get all the lyrics to songs on Tubular Bells II and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics. Richard himself carried this Farfisa organ I needed to the house.”. An important figure in the making of Ommadawn, although in the background, was Virgin Records A&R man Simon Draper. Oldfield remembers: “Virgin, Richard and the engineers delivered an entire top-of-the-range recording studio to my little cottage in a big lorry. The cover photograph was taken by David Bailey. Hey and away we go Through the grass, across the snow Big brown beastie, big brown face I'd rather be with you than flying through space. The following resources were used during the research for this article: Changeling, an autobiography by Mike Oldfield,, an open website dedicated to Mike Oldfield. Oldfield explain the lineage of that title: “Clodagh rang up her mother or someone, who translated the words into Gaelic: those are the lyrics to Ommadawn at the end. Lyrics to Ommadawn, Pt. Top Lyrics of 2011. Ommadawn lyrics Regarding the contention Mike gave out some misinformation "as a ruse to enhance the mystery", we might mention a quote which appears on both the USA liner notes and Boxed booklet notes: "I didn't want her (Simonds) to just sing 'Ah,' so she wrote some words. Oldfield sought out the ancient Celtic influence on English music and composed for traditional instruments such as uilleann pipes on the original LP version. A three year break separates Ommadawn and the epic double-length Incantations (1978). For many fans of Mike Oldfield’s music, including myself, Ommadawn remains a favorite among his vast catalog, surpassing even the hugely successful Tubular Bells. The home studio became a mini Abbey Road for Oldfield, equipped with everything from a large Neve console and a 24-track tape machine, to a slew of instruments including accordion, bouzouki, banjo, harp, tubular bells (what else? Unlike his two previous albums, it was Oldfield’s first studio album not to top the UK album chart, reaching #4. On 7 June 2010 the album was re-released by Mercury Records. Similar to his first two albums, Ommadawn is a single composition divided into two parts of the vinyl. Time to introduce another excellent guest musician on the album – Pierre Moerlen. In his autobiography, Changeling, Oldfield states that he just wanted "sounds" not "sensible" lyrics. The 2010 reissue includes "On Horseback" at the end of "Ommadawn (Part 2)" as one long track, as well as "In Dulce Jubilo" included as a bonus track. It was taken when the Jabula drum group came for their recording session at the Manor. A fine tribute by Oldfield to the place where he played music with Les Penning while he was working on Ommadawn. Popular Song Lyrics. [3] When he decided to write new material, he wished to avoid working in a professional studio and instead, convinced his label Virgin Records to install a 24-track studio in his home named The Beacon in Kington, Herefordshire. Many moons ago, in 1975, a 22-years old Mike Oldfield made music history in that house. That was the only ‘modern’ instrument on Ommadawn.” Oldfield did play on the band’s album Bandages, released a year later in 1976. The end of part 1 features a shining moment for him on the instrument with a solo he considers one of his best: “One night I had this indescribable feeling, I wanted to play electric guitar in a way that would somehow reach out, release the tension that had been building up. Oldfield remembers the contributions by Gong’s drummer: “He worked out a part that was quite difficult to play, so he spent the entire day practicing it, with these orchestral tympani, on the top of Bradnor Hill. Oldfield also recruited Jabula, an exiled quartet of African Tribal Drummers to assist him in creating a stirring rhythm section. There are houses all around there; eventually a delegation of the neighbors came en masse to tell me to shut up.”. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In the photograph below, taken in 1976 and featured on the Boxed 4LP set, he is pictured with some of the instruments, each labeled. Ommadawn is composed of two parts, and it is followed by a song, On Horseback.
Who's gonna get your home RIFF-it good. Like many wonderful South African musicians, they were forced into exile from their native land during the Apartheid era. [4] The African drums were recorded at The Manor Studio in Shipton-on-Cherwell, Oxfordshire where Oldfield had recorded his first two albums.[4]. Moving to the Manor, the group started to work on various ideas, with Oldfield providing direction. There was an acoustic bass I just tried as an experiment.”, Part 1 opens with a lovely melody and ethereal vocals: “I started with a Celtic harp. Ommadawn Part One Lyrics: An Ceol: Daidi i leaba ált' / É an cat na lág a tog na ólt' / Ta me an Amadán le Ceól / Amadán le Ceól / (repeat) Mike Oldfield went all out on this album with his curiosity about the unique sound and style of each instrument: “I had all these strange instruments that I had got from a music shop somewhere, like a bouzouki, a marimba and a Celtic harp. ‘Ommadawn’ means ‘idiot’, but it’s actually spelled ‘amadán’; that’s how I decided on the title for the album.” The album's title came about at the end of its production. The phenomenal success of his debut album Tubular Bells did not sit well with him. Oldfield remembers the recording session with the uilleann pipes: “Paddy Moloney flew into Shobdon with his manager and I met him there. I wanted to make a simple folky tune with a tiny four-note phrase that had stuck in my mind. Oldfield had previously denied this meaning of ommadawn, calling it a nonsense word, apparently as a ruse to enhance the mystery of his music. Clodagh Simonds & Bridget St. John) Abyul Annie Id Yadored En Yab Na Logga Toch No Awed “It’s not meant to mean so much. Help contribute and earn points to increase your VIP level to get extra benefits. The word "ommadawn" is occassionally defined by MO as just a nonsense word, although it is quite similar to the Gaelic word "amadian", meaning "fool". Should you fancy a trip north-west of London to the town of Kington for an afternoon of golf, head on A44, take the roundabout to B4355 and the first left to Barton Lane. Hello Andy, Mike Oldfield’s autobiography is a great read. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. The first is a staple of Scottish and Irish music, played by Paddy Moloney, a member of the Chieftains. Only 250 copies were produced and were sold through and released on 14 June 2010. Heyo! Though the actual work Ommadawn is a two-part piece, there is a third track on the album, a short vocal song by Mike Oldfield and William Murray called "On Horseback". I don't know Ho ho ho Popular Right Now. Billboard Hot 100. Clodagh Simonds, member of early 1970s British folk band Mellow Candle, participates for the second time on a Mike Oldfield album after contributing vocals to Hergest Ridge. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of Mike Oldfield lyrics. "On Horseback" and "In Dulci Jubilo" Acting as composer, performer and engineer in a studio built inside one of its rooms, he realized the music that ended up on the album Ommadawn. I tried lots of different techniques, like overdubbing a twelve-string guitar a few times, to get a really stringy, rhythmical sound. One of the album’s biggest strengths is the power of its melodic lines. The translation was seemingly done by a non-native Irish speaker and contains several grammatical errors. This came as part of a deal in which Oldfield's Virgin albums were transferred to the label. Oldfield met that excellent band a few years earlier when as part of The Whole World he opened for them. "On Horseback" relates to Oldfield, Murray and Leslie Penning's time riding ponies around the area of Hergest Ridge.[9]. Recently Added. Most popular lyric tags. Anyway, Ommadawn, strictly speaking, has no meaning unless you know the truth behind the naming of the album. The album cover features a portrait photograph of Mike Oldfield by famed fashion photographer David Bailey. I enjoyed reading your post. song lyrics, song meanings, albums, music and more. He asked Clodagh Simonds, an Irish musician with whom he was working, to come up with something in Irish. In his autobiography, Changeling, Oldfield states that he just wanted "sounds" not "sensible" lyrics. The house was not solely occupied by Oldfield, for he had a housemate. An SQ system quadraphonic remix version of Ommadawn was released on Boxed a year later. I loved getting there in the morning and playing them. Writer (s): Oldfield Michael Gordon. Recently Added. A different photograph by David Bailey can be found in the inner sleeve of the album. Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn (Excerpt) Lyrics. One was recorder player Les Penning, who performed his take on early English music with a band at a small restaurant called Penrhos Court, just five minutes down the road from The Beacon. ... "Return To Ommadawn (Part 2)" Lyrics Mike Oldfield. His choice of instrumentation in each segment is wonderful. The feeling of playing like that is just incredible, it’s like a mouse suddenly stepping into a lion’s body and roaring.”, Right at the very end you will hear an interesting rhythm played on Tympani drums. We sat down in my living room in The Beacon and I played him this track while he took down some music. Excerpts from Ommadawn appeared in the 1979 NASA film, The Space Movie. I had to squeeze it out, it was like getting the last bit out of the toothpaste tube.” While reviews of the album were less complimentary than the love fest that engulfed Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge was riding high on that wave of success, and at some point the two albums captured the top of the albums chart in the UK. Ab yul ann i dyad awt en yabna log a toc na awd taw may on omma dawn egg kyowl omma dawn egg kyowl Ab yul ann i dyad awt en yab na log a toc. Mike Oldfield’s social life at the time was almost non-existent, but he had a few folks in the secluded environment he built for himself who played an important role in his next album. [4], Shortly after recording began in January 1975 Oldfield suffered a setback with the death of his mother. We currently don't have any themes associated with this song. A small portion of Ommadawn "Part One" was used as the theme music for the BBC's Jackanory on occasions when John Grant narrated his Littlenose stories. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! AZLyrics. Still do. The word "idiot" translated into amadán which he Anglicised into "Ommadawn" for the title of the album. One of Oldfield’s wishes was to add African drums to the closing section of part 1, a hypnotic repeating rhythm played by multiple drummers. I’ve since got used to doing those things – it’s part of the situation.”. [Repeat x6] [Words in Gaelic but written phonetically. Check out Ommadawn's art on DeviantArt. Oldfield fondly remembers spending time with his friends: “Sometimes we would walk all the way from the beginning of Hergest Ridge to the end and back. Along with the recorder we hear a piano, mandolin and bass guitar. The album was reissued by Mercury Records in June 2010 with additional content. Included below is an outline of the accompanying guitar melody and the chorus alongside the rather charming lyrics. Lyrics: Mike Oldfield, William Murray Vocals: Mike Oldfield, The Penrhos Kids. The Japanese release uses the SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) manufacturing process. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Their contribution to the album was one of the only recording sessions outside The Beacon, simply because Oldfield run out of room in his small home studio.

We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. It was my dream to have my own set.” Seeking full artistic control over his next album, he let the house engineer go and took that role in addition to composing and performing the music. [6] At the time of the album's release Oldfield did not regularly tour, but he began to include pieces from the album on his concert set lists from 1980 onwards. Later on Oldfield would ask Penning to play recorder on Ommadawn, resulting with one of the most endearing passages of music on the album. [7] An actual sequel album to Ommadawn, titled Return to Ommadawn, was released in 2017. Ommadawn synonyms, Ommadawn pronunciation, Ommadawn translation, English dictionary definition of Ommadawn. Many of Oldfield's instruments from this period are shown in a photograph which was included in the Boxed 4-LP box set.[5]. He asked Clodagh Simonds, an Irish musician with whom he was working, to come up with something in Irish. Here is the complete part 1: We flip the LP to side 2 to discover more ethnic instruments. An acoustic bass guitar built by Tony Zemaitis and a Ramirez classical guitar appear on the album. The festive song features an instrumental version of a Christmas carol, "In dulci jubilo", as well as the final song from Oldfield's Ommadawn album, "On Horseback". The piano on the album is likely to be a Bösendorfer. Oldfield came up with many great melodic ideas on this record, which he then masterfully weaved into a larger composition. I played the harp myself, it was a very simple melody so it wasn’t difficult to play. The album was released in the same year as the David Bedford-arranged Orchestral Tubular Bells and nine months after Oldfield picked up a Grammy award for the original Tubular Bells album. ), and even a set of timpani drums: “We had concert timpani. He later recalled that his new music was the only thing that provided any form of comfort from the ordeal. Oldfield rejected a claim that the title comes from the Gaelic word amadan or omadhaun, meaning "fool".[4][contradictory]. Penning never heard of the chap but decided to give him a ring: “Would you like to come and play with my band?” “What sort of band is that?” asked the chap. In November 1975, Oldfield released the single "In Dulci Jubilo", with "On Horseback" as the B-side. Top Lyrics of 2011. Lyrics to Ommadawn by Mike Oldfield from the The Essential Mike Oldfield [1980] album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! I was a sad person and life wasn’t much fun, apart from when I was making music which kind of made up for it. I think they mean something backwards." Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), The Moody Blues Album Covers by Phil Travers, Frank Zappa’s Album Covers by Cal Schenkel, part 2: the 1970s, Frank Zappa’s Album Covers by Cal Schenkel, part 1: the 1960s, Keith Jarrett’s American Quartet, 1973-1976. There was so much joy there, it balanced things.”. Have you read his autobiography, “Changeling”? Oldfield states that Simonds had telephoned a relative or friend to translate into Irish for the song. Taw may on omma dawn ekyowl [8] It includes Oldfield and Richard Branson discussing the album along with studio footage from the time. In a few minutes you will find Brandor Hill and the Kington Golf Club. Album: Tubular Beats. Like its predecessor, the album was recorded at The Manor studio owned by Richard Branson, head of Oldfield’s label Virgin Records. Oldfield was looking for guest musicians to play on the album from a very wide range of music styles. By late 1974, Oldfield had become increasingly disappointed with the negative reaction towards his second album Hergest Ridge (1974). If we had particularly bad hangovers, we would go clip-clopping around the place and up to the ridge. It still raises the skin on my neck to hear that solo. After a while the band fizzled out and only two remained: Penning and Oldfield, playing for their suppers. Oldfield makes economic use of a relatively small number of subjects throughout Ommadawn and develops them extensively, both with musical variation and by varying the instruments used. Oldfield explain the lineage of that title: “Clodagh rang up her mother or someone, who translated the words into Gaelic: those are the lyrics to Ommadawn at the end. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. A 180 gram vinyl was released as a part of the Back to Black series. Towards Ommadawn: A Critical Study of Mike Oldfield’s Third Studio Album. Ommadawn Part One lyrics performed by Mike Oldfield: (feat. Ommadawn is the third studio album by English musician, songwriter, and producer Mike Oldfield, released on 21 October 1975 on Virgin Records. William Murray was the drummer in that band and made the introduction to Oldfield, who remembers her for her “raw way of singing, like a Celtic bat out of hell.”. Oldfield appears to have been using two electric bass guitars at the time; a Fender Precision and a Gibson EB-3. He was a lovely man, like a living leprechaun. LetsSingIt is a crowdsourced lyrics database, created by and maintained by people just like you! The re-release included a 2010 5.1 mix of the album and a track titled the 'lost version'. Ommadawn Egg Kyowl Aaahhheeaahh Kyowl. Abyul Annie Id Yadored / En Yab Na Logga Toch No Awed / Tor May On Ommadawn Oldfield on the shoot: “The picture was me observing, rather than trying to get me smiling or anything; all this rubbish. Like its two predecessors, Ommadawn is made out of two long compositions, each occupying a side of the original LP as it was released in 1975. All words and music written by Mike Oldfield, except where noted. Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn Lyrics. Front Row: Leslie Penning, Terry Oldfield (pan pipes), Ivan Griffiths, Abigail Griffiths and Briony Griffiths. “Following all my pony trekking experiences with Willy Murray and Les Penning, I decided to write a song about it all.” The song offers a rare opportunity to hear him sing, or rather recite, a song. Three other bonus tracks are also included: "First Excursion", "Argiers" and "Portsmouth". I like beer, and I like cheese I like the smell of a westerly breeze But I like more than all of these Is to be on horseback. After another year's gap Ommadawn was a far more considered package, and to anyone with a long-term interest in the artist it could in many ways be seen as his best album, flowing naturally where Tubular Bells seemed a scattershot assemblage, and contained some of his loveliest passages of bucolic melancholy. But I was very unhappy personally. Mike divulged this to only a couple of journalists at the time – the rest of the time he said it was just a nonsense word – it was just one of his ideas to remain mysterious. Although it features the beautiful recorder of Leslie Penny and the Chieftains' Paddy Maloney playing the uilean pipe, Ommadawn didn't gain Mike Oldfield the success he was looking for. It is listed at the end of the article as a source material. Roughly they mean: The cat is in the kitchen, drinking milk, I'm a fool and I'm laughing] Submit Corrections. ‘Ommadawn’ means ‘idiot’, but it’s actually spelled ‘amadán’; that’s how I decided on the title for the album.”, So far we have focused on the acoustic nature of the album, but lest we forget what an incredible electric guitar player Mike Oldfield is. Read or print original Ommadawn lyrics 2020 updated! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. M. Incantations is a highly accomplished work and marks the end of a sequence of classic albums. A Fender lap steel guitar is also thought to appear on "On Horseback", although uncredited. It shows Oldfield in a reflective mood looking through a window while rain is pouring. At that stage in his life sales numbers and chart figures meant nothing to him. I started to unleash this guitar solo and, somehow, got it all out. Ommadawn is the third record album by Mike Oldfield, released in 1975 on Virgin Records.It peaked at No. He was inspired by Greek mythology: “I thought they were a lot better than all those fairy tales that came from Germany that … They told me about the ARP Solina string synthesizer, an electronic version of the mellotron. Upcoming Lyrics. The amazing guitar solo of Ommadawn part 1 is like a bird learning to fly, very consistent in its approach but not successful until the final few minutes when it finally becomes airborne. 2. Billboard Hot 100. He didn’t write music as notes, he wrote, ‘Do, re, la, la.’ Once he started on those pipes it was like magic, it was such a privilege to play with such a wonderful musician.”. It is a wonderful album, full of lyrical passages and melodies, but Oldfield had difficulties finishing it: “My heart just wasn’t in it. Upcoming Lyrics. Being a folk musician, many of the tunes spoke to me, especially the recorder and the uillean pipes. I’d loved them since recording with Kevin Ayers at Abbey Road. If you enjoyed reading this article, you may also like reading about Mike Oldfield’s collaborations with composer David Bedford in the 1970s: Hayimkobi, Ommadawn is one of my top favourite albums ever. Thanks for posting . The original LP artwork was restored; in previous CD issues the text had been centralised and increased in size. They even got me a grand piano, a beautiful Steinway that fitted in the old snooker room. In France, "In Dulci Jubilo" was coupled to a remix of the end of part 1 of Ommadawn. Here is one more sample from part 2, with Oldfield playing the bodhran drum and bouzouki: Like he did with his debut album Tubular Bells, Oldfield decided to close the album on a lighter note with a children’s song. There is also a limited edition box set of the album, comprising a deluxe edition, an LP and a framed, numbered and signed print of the album artwork. Draper, a South African who moved to London in 1971, called in an African troupe called Jabula. In it we can find many of the musicians who contributed their talent to the album. In Standard Irish, a corrected version would be: Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Mike Oldfield Discography – Singles – "In Dulci Jubilo, Changeling – Autobiography of Mike Oldfield, "Hergest Ridge & Ommadawn – Deluxe Editions – 7th June 2010", "Dutch album certifications – Mike Oldfield – Ommadawn", Nederlandse Vereniging van Producenten en Importeurs van beeld- en geluidsdragers, "British album certifications – Mike Oldfield – Ommadawn",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Album articles lacking alt text for covers, Articles that may contain original research from December 2019, All articles that may contain original research, Certification Table Entry usages for Netherlands, Pages using certification Table Entry with shipments figures, Certification Table Entry usages for United Kingdom, Pages using certification Table Entry with shipments footnote, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Ommadawn {Part Two}" / "On Horseback" (2010 stereo mix), "Ommadawn {Part Two}" / "On Horseback" (1975 stereo mix), "Ommadawn {Part One}" (2010 5.1 surround mix), "Ommadawn {Part Two}" / "On Horseback" (2010 5.1 surround mix), "The Penrhos Kids" (Abigail, Briony, Ivan, and Jason Griffiths) – vocals on "On Horseback", This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 18:15. We do not have any tags for Ommadawn, Part 1 lyrics. Oldfield plays two electric guitars: a red Gibson SG Junior and a blonde Fender Telecaster. I thought, ‘Clodagh’s Irish, she could work out some sounds in Gaelic.’” If you were thinking of blissful, otherworldly lyrics as the subject of that angelic chant, you may be disappointed to discover that the words, in loose translation, mean: More instruments make an appearance in this section, including wooden marimbas. The basic problem was that I was scared by the success and the attention I was getting. noun 1. a large four-footed animal which is used to pull carts etc or to carry people etc . Top Row: The Hereford City Band, the African drummers from Jabula – Julian Bahula (leader of Jabula), Ernest Mothle (Jabula’s bassist) and Lucky Ranku (Jabula’s guitarist and percussionist). Oldfield tells the story: “Somebody suggested getting some beers, so we gave them a couple of beers each; they wanted more, so then we sent out for another couple of crates. Prior to his autobiography, Oldfield had denied this meaning of ommadawn, calling it a nonsense word, apparently as a ruse to enhance the mystery of his music. 2 by Mike Oldfield from the Ommadawn album - including song video, artist biography, translations and more! [ Chorus ] Ab yul ann i dyad awt en yab na log a toc na awd taw may on omma dawn egg kyowl omma dawn egg kyowl [ Repeat Chorus ] Lyrics. However, this album is not composed of just Celtic influences. Composition. There is something special about that album and the music within, maybe a reflection of the therapeutic experience it was for Oldfield at that time in his life: “Creatively, it was a very good period for me. In perfect isolation behind his walls, he had everything he needed to create a masterpiece. Like you, I’m a massive Oldfield fan. Mike Oldfield remembers vividly the moment he saw The Beacon, located only a mile or two from the Welsh border: “It was only a little place, flimsily built and a bit run down, wedged on that hill surrounded by bracken and sheep. Park your car and notice a black and white building just below the parking lot. I don’t know what the hell happened. The topic of Ommadawn is covered in the final episode of the Tony Palmer documentary series All You Need is Love; episode 17 "Imagine (New Directions)". Ommadawn was released by Virgin Records on October 28, 1975. There were the stringy guitars, the African drums, Clodagh’s voice, which was kind of screaming, and on top of it all, I just put my whole power, committed all my energy to this one guitar solo. Ommadawn was the first piece of music by Mike Oldfield that I heard. Book of Love was, from 1984 to 1993, a popular synthpop and dance music band, alongside Sire Records labelmates Depeche Mode and Erasure. Each of the two movements of Ommadawn utilise their own subjects without sharing them between the two movements. "Tubular Bells Lyrics." [5]In November 1975, Oldfield released the single "In Dulci Jubilo", with "On Horseback" as the B-side. As main breadwinner for Virgin Records, no questions were asked and all costs justified a new album by the recluse artist. Popular Song Lyrics. Browse the user profile and get inspired. Ask and you shall get. Some copies of the album also include "In Dulci Jubilo" at the end, instead of "On Horseback". [3] After several months of recording the entire first side had to be re-recorded because the original was irreparably damaged as the tape had shed its oxide layer, perhaps as a result of Oldfield's numerous overdubs. They were getting into some kind of trance, like a ritual. Top Lyrics of 2010. “Early music”. As with Hergest Ridge and Tubular Bells, Ommadawn is another two-movement work. Glasgow-born drummer William Murray knew Oldfield from the time they were both members of Kevin Ayers’ band, circa 1971. With knowledge about Early music approaching nil Oldfield showed up with a guitar in tow. Lyrics. They started smoking marijuana, and after a couple of hours it started to come alive. I am not really doing this album justice with these piecemeal samples, as the transitions between these musical segments are no less wonderful. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Ommadawn Lyrics: Ab yul ann I dyad awt / En yab na log a toc na awd / Taw may on omma dawn egg kyowl / Omma dawn egg kyowl Why that's funny An annotation cannot contain another annotation. On the Record Mirror & Disc chart it reached #2 in November of 1975. She wrote down the first words that came into her head: Oldfield states that Simonds had telephoned a relative or friend to translate these words into Irish for the song. They played all day and by the evening they were really cooking.”, The hypnotic section that ends Part 1 is greatly enhanced by a repeated female chant. Mike Oldfield Ommadawn Part One Lyrics. The words to the chant were also the genesis of the album name. This is of course the song On Horseback, with lyrics by Oldfield and William Murray: On this lovely song you can hear the Penrhos kids, children of the owners of Penrhos Court: Jason, Ivan, Abigail and Briony Griffiths. Oldfield's 1990 album Amarok was conceived as a sequel to Ommadawn, but turned into something quite different; Virgin had been pushing Oldfield for a sequel to Tubular Bells. ^shipments figures based on certification alone. Middle Row: Herbie (played bagpipes, tracks not used in the final album), William Murray, Mike Oldfield, Jason Griffiths, Sally Oldfield and Clodagh Simmonds. Mike Oldfield Lyrics, Songs, Albums And More at SongMeanings! the Herald Angels Sing. Oldfield had spotted a collection of words that Irish musician Clodagh Simonds had made up, one of them being ommadawn, and decided to use it. Original lyrics of Ommadawn song by Mike Oldfield. From time to time we would go pony trekking together with Les Penning.