For standard gray coverage, apply your favorite permanent colour, like Olia or Nutrisse. Available in blonde soft bleach color shade Garnier Nutrisse Cream Bleach combines a nourishing cream formula with a strong bleach power, In a single step, hair is lightened by 4-6 levels for an extra-luminous long-lasting blonde Not recommended if you want to cover grey hair Generally, natural blondes with a complexion of warm, pinky tones are best opting for a honey blonde colour, while those with cooler, yellowy skin tones are more suited to icy-blondes with blue undertones. In this comprehensive guide on how to cover grey hair you will discover: Although going grey is inevitable fact of life, you can naturally cover your greying hair by choosing the correct hair dye shade for your complexion. Who cares? Tone, shade, any grey hair to cover? Explore Nutrisse Ultra Coverage. It’s a fact: Gray hair is harder to colour. What color you use is very important. The right color also makes your natural grey hair less noticeable as the dye fades. Then use the latest Virtual Try On technology to see how they look live and pick your favorite. From the #1 Nourishing Color Creme*, New Nutrisse Ultra Coverage is formulated with CoverPlus TM technology to target and erase ultra-stubborn grays, delivering rich, radiant, permanent color. Make sure your diet consists of plenty of foods high in vitamin B12, which means eggs, cheeses, milk, seafood, poultry and broccoli. Garnier Express Retouch works seamlessly on gray hair and is the perfect, on-the-go root concealer for those times in-between colouring. Grey hair is hair that no longer contains any pigment and as your body slows with age, so does your melanin production. Nutrisse Ultra Color From ashy blonde to pitch dark and everything in between are available with Ulta Color. The Formula is enriched with camellia oil and keeps your hair soft and supple. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Wondering how to cover grey hair and touch up your hair colour? If you have stubborn grays (too stubborn for regular color), try Nutrisse Ultra Coverage—our first at-home hair color solution with CoverPlus technology, specially formulated for 100% coverage on hard-to-cover… One of the many claims that they make is that this product has the ability to cover all of the grey. The great news is that your greys are very easy to cover as the colour is not too far removed from the grey. Color Revivers ranging from beautiful deep browns to the coolest of blondes. Learn to love what Mother Nature is doing to you and due to its different texture and lack of colour, grey hair can become a very attractive feature. Shade: Garnier Olia 5.3 Golden Brown Permanent Hair Dye • No Ammonia permanent at Home Hair Dye for a pleasant scent • 60% oil-powered brown hair dye, with natural flower oils • Up to 100% grey hair coverage • Maximum colour performance for intense and even colour full of beautiful reflects and long lasting shiny brown hair colour The full-on grey mane is a growing trend, so if you've got it, and you love it, why not embrace it? Extended periods of stress and exhaustion take a toll on your body and lower your vitamin B levels, which is linked to going grey. The Garnier brand is extremely helpful and informative when it comes to choosing the best color for your hair. Find out more on our Virtual Try-On homepage at the end of this article, or by clicking on one of our products with the 'Try It On' icon. Just stay calm. The fastest way to temporarily conceal unwanted grays. The best hair dye for grey hair if you have blonde hair Nourished hair, better colour. Both Nutrisse and Olia are great options for standard grey coverag e as both formulas offer 100% grey coverage.