She is easily resentful of anyone who ridicules her as with Bunga and the rest of the Lion Guard, which led to her accepting Makucha's offer for revenge. Mama Binturong takes care of a little group of porcupines. Chuluun grabbed them until the Lion Guard and Night Pride stalled her, forcing her to chase the road. Chuluun chuckled. The Lion Guard corners Chuluun where she is visible. StrengthSpeedSnow's camouflage After Chuluun's fall, Makucha recruits her to follow the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life with him. Early Life Glenn was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, with her sister Amanda. Chuluun survives her fall and comes out of the snow only to meet Makucha who proposes to ally with the snow leopard to settle their account with their common enemy, the Lion Guard and much more. When Makucha asks them to listen to him, Chuluun and Ora declare that they obey no one but without knowing it, they alert Ullu the owl charged with guarding the entrance of the tree that alerts the Night Pride. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: Outsiders (Zira, Nuka & Vitani) | Scar “Why should I?” Chuluun asked. Rot-Schwarzblau. After their defeat, the three convene outside the mountain pass, where Mama Binturong introduces herself as their new leader. The Lion Guard is a group of lions that protect Zebras. Like many of The Lion Guard's antagonists, it's hard to know if Chuluun is an adult or a teenager. Despite this, Ullu escapes and warns the Night Pride about the army's attack, and they rush to the Tree of Life, only to be shut in by a giant rock pushed by Ora and his minions. True . Chuluun and her allies attack a tiger named Varya and her cubs. Ullu the owl informs the Lion Guard of Mama Binturong's peril, and they resolve to help her. They then implore the red pandas to join them in defeating Chuluun. Anga spots Chuluun, marked by orange paint, attacking the pack. All the other villains are then beaten by the cyclones and shock wave produced by the Roar combined with the members of the Guard. At a certain point, Chuluun began to terrorize the red pandas, who never managed to see her because of her camouflage in the snow, believing she was a ghost, which earned her the nickname "Ghost of the Mountain". 0 Comments. Chuluun pursues a chamois and is struck by Fuli well joins Makucha and Ora for a combined attack against the Guard but Kion uses his new mastery of Roar to quickly put the trio on the ground, Chuluun being the last touched. The series was first broadcast with a television film titled The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar on Disney Channel on November 22, 2015, and began airing as a TV series on January 15, 2016, on Disney Junior. Chuluun meets Makucha. The Lion Guard arrives in time to help, but Kion and Rani's dual leadership results in confusion, allowing Chuluun to evade Nirmala. Together, the Lion Guard and the red pandas follow Chuluun and corner her at the edge of a cliff. Kion agrees to help the red pandas defeat the ghost in order to keep the Circle of Life in balance. When Bunga falls off a cliff while trying to grab Tuliza for Kion's condition, three red pandas witness this and immediately assume that he is the "Sonnesen Kuhn" of prophecy. 10 Comments. The plan works initially, with the trio invading the Tree of Life and attacking the Night Pride. ConnorNeedham. Für absolute Sicherheit im Einsatz. Bunga orders the red pandas to keep Chuluun surrounded, then releases gas in her face. Rated: Fiction T - English - OC - Chapters: 5 - Words: 4,702 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 12/11/2019 - Published: 9/3/2019 - Status: Complete - id: 13379174 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten Next > Snow, such a strange change when compared to the Backlands. Circle of Life? Her conquest is challenged by Kopa, a young lion far from the home he was born into. Chuluun gets sprinkle by the Bunga's stinky spray. Together, the Lion Guard and the red pandas follow Chuluun and corner her at the edge of a cliff. No sooner has she disappeared when the team overhears fearful cries. Chuluun is a cunning and devious feline who takes great pleasure in terrifying anyone by blending into the snow to look like a ghost. 48.2k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘lionguard’ hashtag She serves as one of the three secondary antagonists alongside Ora and Mama Binturong as one of Makucha's followers. The Lion Guard heads to the Tree of Life instead and heads off Chuluun, Makucha, and Ora, with Fuli attacking and defeating Chuluun. Bunga then uses his stink to send them fleeing from the Tree of Life. Again they are beaten and pushed back while Makucha and Ora sarcastically congratulates the snow leopard for wanting to attack Night Pride at night. Her father, Mark, is of German, Scottish and Irish descent, and her mother, Sumiko, is Japanese. She is voiced by Kimiko Glenn. Nov 17, 2019 - Chuluun is a female snow leopard, who lived in the Mountain. 0 Comments. A dark force approaches, heralded by an outcast intent on violently reshaping the kingdoms. Knowing that the evil predators will never give up, Kion creates a huge tornado that engulfs all the bad guys and carries them away as far as possible from the Tree of Life so they never come back. The Lion Guard › Chuluun. Just then, the pack's leader Domog approaches and explains that their pack has been haunted by an invisible force that has driven them from their homes ("Ghost of the Mountain"). Follow. One-Eye | Chuluun is a snow leopard in The Lion Guard. Aug 28, 2019 - Chuluun is a female snow leopard who appears in Season 3 of The Lion Guard. They are all my favourite girls. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Take revenge on the Lion Guard and find the Tree of Life (failed). A shocked Chuluun loses her footing and plummets off the cliff. [Lion Guard 3] Chuluun. However, the two groups eventually chase the army off. Chuluun is hit by Fuli on the side and runs away when Mama Binterong screams to retreat after Bunga has thrown his stench on her. Chuluun VOICE Kimiko Glenn. “Leave her alone, Chuluun!” Kion called. Just then, the pack's leader Domog approaches and explains that their pack has been haunted by an invisible force that has driven them from their homes ("Ghost of the Mountain"). She makes herdebut in Ghost of the Mountain. The Lion Guard: Janja's Clan (Janja, Mzingo, Mwoga, Cheezi and Chungu, Nne & Tano) | Scar's Army (Scar, Ushari, Shupavu, Njano, Kiburi, Tamka, Reirei, Goigoi, Dogo, Kenge & Sumu) | Outsiders (Zira, Nuka & Vitani) | Makuu | Mapigano | Makucha | Chuluun | Ora | Fahari And Jiona | Strange Lion | Strange Cobra, Books Post-Lion King II/Lion Guard season 3.