The Maine Coon cat is self-sufficient and independent. It differs from other breeds because it is “talkative” and it “greets” in a special way. It is energetic and friendly and a lot of cats of this breed showed that they love fishing but also swimming. It has very little need to be beautified and it gets on with both children and other pets. It is obedient to its owner and it often seeks love. The Maine Coon is undoubtedly the ideal company for the whole family.



The Maine Coon is a big cat, strong and muscular but the claim that it may have the size of a dong is an exaggeration. It has got a wide face and rather slanting eyes and its body is strong. The characteristics that make this cat distinct are its strong legs which are of medium length and its long bushy tail. Its fur is long, thick and waterproof. It can be found in any colour or pattern apart from chocolate-brown, purple and of Siamese type. Its weight is between 4 and 7,5 kilos.