The Berman cat has got a quiet and well-balanced character. It isn’t very “talkative” but it is very playful. It is friendly with children as well as with the other pets of the family. It is clever and it often requires the undivided attention of its owner up to a point that it may become pressing. It hates loneliness and seeks its owner’s or another cat’s company.



The Berman cat is a strong cat but not well built. Its legs are of medium length, its body is long and its head is neither very oval nor very small. Its eyes are deep, almost around and they usually have a blue colour. Although its fur is relatively long, it does not need everyday care and this is because of its composition. Its colour is darker on the face, the ears, the paws and the tail. Its colours are all the single colours, multicolours and stripes, in patterns with darker colour at the edges and “white gloves” (white paws). Its weight is between 4.5 and 8 kilos.