The Egyptian Mau is a very clever and energetic cat. It is completely loyal and unnegotiable staunch with its owner. It likes to have its own place and to move freely. It hates noise and loud voice. The Egyptian Mau does not need extra care. It will always be independent and a wild hunter.



The Mau looks very much like those cats which appear on Egyptian frescos and papyrus. It has got a long athletic body and spots which do not follow a specific motif, they are random. Its front legs are shorter than the back ones, and an “abdominal crease” of skin at the back helps very much in its incredible ability to accelerate. The face of the Mau cat has got a round, cuneiform shape which leads to its face. Its fur is silky, but not very short and its colours are dottie bronze with streaks and black-grey without a streak motif. The Egyptian Mau weighs between 2,5 and 5 kilos.