The Bloodhound was originally bred for group hunting, and was later used for guarding animal herds, as well as for finding missing people and escape criminals using its highly developed sense of smell. Today, however, it is mainly kept as a pet. Its intelligent, gentle, jolly and kind-hearted temperament, as well as the fact that it loves children, make it ideal for this role. Because of its large size it may unwittingly become dangerous toward very small children, and for this reason adult supervision is advised. This dog is not easy to train, so it is not recommended to inexperienced owners.


 The Bloodhound is a large dog, since its height ranges from 58 to 69 cm tall and it weighs from 33 to 55 kilos. Its head is long and narrow, and its ears are big, soft, hanging and long. Its skin is loose and its coat is short. Its coat-color is usually either single-colored black, brown, or reddish, or else a combination of these colors.