The American Staffordshire Terrier is suited both as a pet and as a guard-dog. It is courageous, militant, persistent, and protective – virtues that will scare any would-be intruder. It is friendly and companionate, making it a good company for children. Since it is a medium-sized dog, it can live in an apartment comfortably, which makes it ideal for people who need a dog that will serve both as a pet and as a guard for the apartment. Though it can live in an apartment, it requires daily walks and exercise. It is independent by nature, so early socialization and patient training is a must, and it should preferably be done by an experienced dog-owner.


 The American Staffordshire Terrier is a strong and muscular medium-sized dog. Its head is broad and its jaws are strong. Its coat-color varies, and usually it has white-colored patches on its chest and legs. Its short coat does not require regular grooming. Males reach a height of around 40 cm tall, while females are around 5 cm shorter. Males weigh from around 13 to 17 kilos, while females are approximately 2 kilos lighter.