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Complete the application form - members part – with all the information of your company and you will be given an answer within 24 hours.

For an order to be fulfilled, 15 working days are needed. If you select a pet from those in stock, only 1 working day is needed.

There are 2 ways to pay.

  1. Cash on delivery (in terms)
  2. Through the website

         Our company has its own vet who daily cares about the ideal living conditions of our pets as well as about their medical care when it is needed. Also, before being delivered, a pet is checked in detail by the vet. You receive all the pets with three vaccines and completely free from parasites.

In the case of any virus affection of the pet, caused by no activation of the vaccine within 7 days, our company covers the cost of the medical treatment completely, and in the case of its death, the replacement of it. In order for the guarantee to exist from our company, a specific check from our vet must occur either in your area or in ours. If it is proved that the pet was affected by any virus caused by no activation of the vaccine, the guarantee is automatically activated.

If it is found that the pet suffers from any other illness, then the cost of the medical treatment must be covered by the owner. The cost of the visit of the vet must be covered by the owner, too, if it occurs in your area, as well as the cost of the medical examinations.