Caribbean Cruise Weather in January and February. North from Panama Many vessels having arrived in Panama from Venezuela and Colombia spend time in the San Blas Islands of Panama, and rather than transiting the Panama Canal to the Pacific, they decide to move north instead. On the first cruise which was about January 30, the weather in Miami when we departed was not as warm as usual and so it was kinda cool until we got further south to the Bahamas. Any other info is great too. Water temps are fine, too, in case you like to snorkel or swim. So anyone planning a Caribbean cruise should pay close attention to the cruise ports they plan to visit and what they want to do when they get there. No hurricanes or cyclones????? Thinking of a Caribbean cruise, coming from Australia. It’s one of the most popular tourist islands with high-end hotels along the west coast and more affordable accommodation on the popular south coast. Below, check out the weather forecast for january for most popular cities in Bahamas. However, December and January can bring cold fronts from the north. In general, Bahamas will be a few degrees cooler (both ambient & water temperatures) than the Caribbean islands. I'd pick November over Dec/ january. Long-term weather averages give the best indication of the weather in February 2021 and include figures for temperature, sunshine and rainfall for the Caribbean. What weather should I expect on the ship and on shore. The February temperatures and rainfall given in the table below allow you to compare the climate for places on two dozen islands. The percentage indicates the probability of having the weather mentioned. Strong to near gale conditions can occur across the west-central Caribbean Sea and western Gulf of Mexico during February. Temperature. Freeport has weather more like Florida, which means warm enough for walking around but not always warm enough for swimming in the ocean. A Caribbean cruise comes with the promise of tropical heat and sunshine – a big draw particularly in the peak winter season. Weather can be ify whenever you go. If you’re cruising to the Eastern region, soak up the summer sun on any of the dazzling beaches, or head indoors for a taste of true Caribbean culture. Information on the weather in February for cities and beach towns throughout the Caribbean has been pulled together here. Weather Related Delays & Itinerary Changes Check directly with your cruise line for any possible weather related delays or itinerary changes. Cruise Outlook provides custom weather forecasts for many cruise sailings as well as other information about your trip. Where are you cruising and what line ? Weather ☀ ⛅ Caribbean ☀ ⛅ January ☀ ⛅ Information on temperature, sunshine hours, water temperature & rainfall in January for the Caribbean. That's not saying much, because temperatures there vary so little from season to season. Usually, this means that it’s only in the 70s instead of the 80s, but the difference can make it so that a light jacket or a pair of long pants are welcome on some colder days. Discover the best destinations in the Caribbean with good weather in january 2021 and our advice on where to travel in january 2021 in the Caribbean. Answer 1 of 4: Hi Guys. We're cruising on the Carnival Pride. As the weather cools down, heat things up with a holiday cruise to a sun-drenched destination. The best time to go on a Caribbean cruise is usually during the high season is at is what usually reflects the best weather. Many cruise lines will also allow you to sign-up online to receive alerts pertaining to your cruise via email or text message. The primary cruising season runs from December through April. Whether you want to have a summer vacation or a winter getaway, the weather somewhere in the Caribbean is always warm and welcoming. I have been on cruises to the Caribbean in December, last year, and January, a few years ago and in both cases the weather was great. That said, there are definite advantages and disadvantages to sailing each month of the year. Risk for Rough Seas. For more cruise news, reviews and tips, sign up for TPG’s new cruise newsletter. These datas are statistics for the month of january from weather reports for many years. The highest risk of encountering rough seas of 8 feet (2.4 meters) or more is 30-40% over the west-central Caribbean Sea off the coast of Columbia and mostly 10-15% over the Gulf of Mexico. This is when most people escape the cold North, college students and high school students get spring breaks, and the weather is at its best. The weather in the all of the gorgeous vacation spots of the Caribbean are warm and wonderful 99% of the time. On average 73 mm (2.9 inches) of rain normally falls in Caribbean during January with rain falling on 16 days of the month. Take Barbados , for example, in the southern part of the Caribbean. Our goal has been to provide our readers with expansive coverage of all aspects of the Royal Caribbean experience. To the north of the region including the Bahamas, temperatures are the coolest, while the weather gradually gets hotter as … Find Christmas cheer at sea, welcome the New Year in with friends on deck or spend February on a cruise to tropical islands. January is the coolest month of the year for most of the Caribbean. Check the Caribbean weather in February before you book your next holiday. The monthly weather averages are the best indication of conditions in each month and are based on long-term (30 year) climate statistics. January can be depressing, following the end of the Christmas period and cold days of little sun. We are booked Nov 27 for 7 days!! By Ian Packham. The weather is, of course, a major factor. Started in 2010, Royal Caribbean Blog offers daily coverage of news and information related to the Royal Caribbean cruise line along with other relevant topics of cruising, such as entertainment, news, photo updates and more. Cruises are a popular option in January when many northerners seek a warm getaway from winter's wrath. You can expect warm and dry weather throughout the islands. Just wondering what is the best 3 months of the year for cruising in the Caribbean for warm sunny weather and calm seas. Weather in the Bahamas in january 2021. Even in the middle of winter, Caribbean cruise weather feels like a tropical oasis. Someone may one day invent detachable islands, but in the meantime vacationers should consider two major factors related to weather in planning a cruise. With a tropical climate bringing year-round warmth to the region, the Caribbean is a holiday destination that has plenty of sunshine through the year, and December is no exception. Cruises - Weather for Short Cruise to the Bahamas in January - My sister knows how I would love to get away from my cold climate home for a few … The weather conditions in the Caribbean and Bahamas are as good as it gets all year in January and February, and you’ll enjoy it so much more if you’re escaping snowfall or chilly temps back home. You can not predict the weather so far ahead, but having crossed the Atlantic numerous times in January I can say no two times were the same.Also going the route to Madeira you reach warmer weather sooner than doing a trans Atlantic to New York. After the holidays, Hawaii cruises may be a good option to consider for your winter beach escape. That’s right, cruising is about to be back in the Caribbean — albeit in a very small way. There is no bad time to cruise. The Caribbean in January offers ideal weather for a winter beach vacation. Ready for some inspiration? Spring: March, April, May and June I have cruised in november and the weather is good in the Caribbean. Here are our top picks for the ultimate winter cruise vacation. Caribbean Weather in December What’s the weather like in the Caribbean in December? And of course the weather in the UK tends to be pretty miserable, making the 8-hour flight all the more attractive. (Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán, Puerto Vallarta) Weather conditions in this part of the Caribbean tend to be more challenging and timing plays a more important role in making passages. The average maximum daytime temperature in Caribbean in January is a warm 28°C (82°F), while the average minimum night-time temperature is a warm 22°C (72°F). Caribbean cruise weather has fewer risks for vacationers planning a trip at sea rather than spending a week on an island for a simple reason -- the ship can move away from bad weather while an island can't. Planning and packing for your next cruise has never been so easy! March weather in the Caribbean if fine -- we have been on Eastern, Southern and Western Caribbean cruises in March, and experienced great weather (except for several days of some rain/drizzle on our W. Caribbean itinerary.) Leaving on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera on January 4th. Although January is the coldest month in the Caribbean, you’ll still experience beautifully warm temperatures, with hot days and slightly cooler nights. But on the other side of the Atlantic, in the Caribbean’s many destinations, the weather … Caribbean **Pricing:** January and February can be extremely budget-friendly with cruises from $50 per person, per night. The weather of Bahamas and Caribbean in January will be perfect for traveling -- sunny, warm, and dry. Then there is the Caribbean’s geographical makeup – seemingly tailor-made for cruising, with the islands spaced out to allow passengers to arrive at a new port on a new island most mornings. Caribbean weather in February 2021. Although any time is good for cruising, there's a few sweet spots when it comes to taking a cruise to the Caribbean. I would book the cruise and enjoy the ship and the experience. Let's get one thing straight right at the start. Caribbean Weather by Month Select a month from the list below to see the Caribbean weather for a particular month. We have done 3 cruises to the Bahamas and Caribbean islands in January.
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