Apples egen prosessor har gjort MacBook Pro til den råeste bærbare 13-tommeren vi har testet. If you’re looking to shoot excellent quality video in a studio, the A6600 will do nicely. You don’t shoot on paper, though, and in use the camera is in fact a bit hit and miss. Klasseledende autofokus og høy skuddhastighet. It’s pretty quick but there are more intuitive systems out there. Sony a6600 er et av de beste kameraene i sin klasse, men a6400 er et bedre kjøp, og et Fujifilm X-T30 er mer tilfredsstillende å bruke. We review the Sony Alpha A6600 - Sony's flagship 24mp APS-C mirrorless camera. Det kan også ta opp 4K30p-video i 100 Mbps, med moderat beskjæring når man bytter fra 4K25p til 4K30p. Ring Alarm Security Kit er et fremragende komplett alarmsystem til hjemmet som er enkelt å komme i gang med. Pekeskjerm er noe Sony ikke har fått til. The Sony a6600 has an industry-leading autofocus system, is capable of excellent images and video, comes with very useful in-body image stabilization and has the best battery life of any mirrorless camera on the market at this time. It’s a video God, shooting internal 4:2:0 4K at up to 60fps, which compares favourably to the Sony’s limit of 25fps in 4K. Comparison of Sony a6600 (24.2MP) and Sony Alpha a6500 (24.2MP) on sensor size (28.21mm diagonals), pixel pitch, pixel density and more. Der vi før kunne se litt avvik i farger, med litt avvik i hudtoner på jpeg-bilder, er fargebalansen blitt litt varmere og naturlig. There’s no obvious concession made for photographers who prefer to use a single autofocus point and manoeuvre it around the frame manually – we love, for example, Canon’s recent cameras which allow to turn the right-hand side of the rear monitor into a trackpad. It may not match the sheer level of detail that its higher-resolution peers can record, but it’s still more than good enough for a critically sharp A3+ print. – Last Christmas i glitrende 4K-kvalitet, Årets hederspris 2020-2021: Bang & Olufsen, Fullspekket phono-trinn for de mest kresne, Oppsiktsvekkende høyttaler fra Sonus faber, Type: 24 Mp systemkamera med APS-C bildebrikke, Høydepunkter: 5-trinns bildestabilisator, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, vippbar pekeskjerm, elektronisk/mekanisk lukker, 425 fokuspunkter, TTL blitssko, HDMI utg., mikrofon inng./hodetelefon utg. Det mangler søker og bildestabilisator, men er kompakt og leverer minst like god bildekvalitet. Summary The A6600 becomes Sony’s most powerful APSC mirrorless camera to date, sporting a 24 Megapixel sensor with confident autofocus across almost the entire frame, 11fps shooting, unlimited video recording, 4k up to 30p, 1080 up to 120p, a screen that angles all the way up to face you, built-in stabilisation, mic and headphone jacks and the longest battery life of any camera in its class. The Sony A6600 is the company’s most premium APS-C mirrorless camera to date, boasting of improved AI focusing, animal eye AF, a much bigger battery, and HDR shooting for professional workflows. Kostbart. Skyter man en bildeserie, så må man vente flere sekunder før kameraet er klart til bruk igjen. We shot in S-log3, a colour option that Sony claims delivers 14 stops of dynamic range, and which provided us plenty of flexibility for grading. Will Nikon’s Z 50 be the best compact mirrorless camera yet? Look more closely though and there are plenty of differences. Also built into the body to help with the quality of stills and video is a 5-Axis SteadyShot stabilisation system - camera shake will not be rearing its head and spoiling your fun with the A6600 in your hands. Særlig når den er så bra som reMarkable 2. Its increased grip size and simplification have brought large improvements in handling and durability.. One of the biggest improvements on the the Sony a6600 is the expanded battery life. Sennheisers støydempende PXC 550 har fått nytt liv under danske EPOS. Små knapper. But there’s plenty of competition out there – can the A6600 cut the mirrorless mustard? Den rimeligere a6100 er nybegynnerkameraet som er litt enklere utstyrt, men bildekvaliteten har man ikke kompromisset på. Som leser har du kun rett til å benytte Innholdet på for personlige og ikke-kommersielle formål. Men jeg ville ikke satset på å ta mange nattbilder over 12800 ISO, med mindre man synes kornstøy er pent. DxOMark Sensor Scores At Camera Decision, we also look at Dxo Mark sensors when available as we think it is a good indicator of image quality. Tast inn din e-post og du vil motta en link hvor du kan lage nytt passord. Comfortable, fast and mounted with a good number of body controls; this is a camera that experienced photographers will get to grips with in no time. A combination of an APS-C sensor, 5 axis in-body image-stabilization, 4K video (no crop), AF tracking, and battery life makes it the ideal mid-range camera for underwater photography. Hold deg til temaet og vær saklig. On paper, the A6600 is a quality option for filmmakers. Canon EOS M6 Mark II er et interessant alternativ til begge Sony-kameraene. The A6600’s impressive battery life claims are the result of using the rear monitor instead, and it’s pleasing to find a good one here as well. The star of the show for many will be the bigger battery. Auto ISO operates within an ISO 100-6400 range and has selectable upper and lower limits. We had to push to ISO 3200 before our test images really distinguished themselves from each other, and onwards to ISO 12,800 before our shots began to look really muddy. Velkommen til Lyd & Bildes kommentarfelt. Sony a6600 for Underwater Photography and Underwater Video The Sony a6600 is the top-of-the-line a6000 series camera for underwater photography – and Sony’s declared flagship camera at that. Detaljskarpheten er kanskje bedre fra et Canon EOS M6 II, men ikke så mye at det har betydning. Sony a6600: Video performance. Pekefunksjonen fungerer ikke sammen med skjermmenyene, og når man trykker inn funksjonsknappen (Fn) for å endre innstillinger, må man bruke knapper og innstillingshjulet bak. The α6600 packs great performance and ... directly in the camera, or use 120fps Full HD video to create high-quality slow-motion footage in post-production. Glemt ditt passord? Det har også en lynrask skuddtakt på på 11 bilder/s, og man kan ta lange bildeserier med denne hastigheten. Eller når man bruker skjermen som søker på videoopptak. iPhone 12 Pro Max feier gulvet med konkurrentene, og har det beste kameraet vi har sett hittil. Sony claims 8fps in this mode; we saw about 7.5 but we’re prepared to be magnanimous about that. For the body only you’ll part with £1,399 (RRP); pair it with the E-mount 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS lens that came with our review model and it all adds up to a shade under £1,900. Bildene fra a6600 blir bedre enn fra forgjengeren a6500, fordi Sony har forbedret jpeg-prosesseringen til det bedre. READ NEXT: The best travel tripods to buy. In this video I will go over the initial set-up of the Sony A6600 so you can skip the manual and get out there and start taking photos and recording videos as fast as possible.. There are custom buttons galore, which makes setting up the A6600 easy. De to, og spesielt 35-en, leverer gnistrende skarpe bilder fra kameraet, og er nesten uten fortegning og vignettering. Extend your reach with external touch operations. In this video I will explain the key differences between the Sony A6600, A6400, and A6100. som er bedre utstyrt, værtettet og blant annet har en bedre elektronisk søker. Så hvilket skal man velge? 709 video. Extend your reach with external touch operations. For hør bare her: For å hamle opp med knallhard konkurranse fra Fujifilm, Canon og Nikon, har Sony valgt å dele markedet i tre med tre modeller. It’s a shame, because footage is otherwise superb. That means there are all sorts of options out there. BMWs første helelektriske SUV har alt man trenger, bortsett fra én ting. Sony A6600 shooters only have access to 4K30p or 1080p 120fps, just as in the A6300. Continuous shooting is blackout-free, so you can track a subject continuously using either the viewfinder or the monitor. © 2020 Publish AS - Lyd & Bilde arbeider etter Vær Varsom-plakatens regler for god presseskikk. It’s large, at 3in, and high-res, at 921,600 pixels. To ensure that the audio matches the visual quality, the A6600 has 3.5mm mic and headphone ports. It’s incredibly fast, shooting 40 RAW frames in a shade under four seconds, making good on Sony’s claimed 11fps shooting speed. Sony a6400 er midt i smørøyet etter vår mening. That extra-large battery needs to live somewhere, which is why the A6600 feels more substantial in the hand than the smaller, flatter A6400. Det er nemlig et litt bedre spesifisert a6400, som vi testet sommeren 2019, og virkelig kan anbefale. The Sony A6600 has a standard sensitivity range of ISO 100 to 25600, expandable down to ISO 50 and up to ISO 102400. It looks a lot like Sony's other a6000-series models at first glance, but this one has the biggest battery and the best build quality of the bunch, even if the images it produces are broadly comparable to the less expensive options. Rolling shutter i 4K. Flaggskipet a6600 er dyrest, men i tillegg utstyrt med integrert bildestabilisator, et dobbelt så kraftig batteri, bedre grep og litt flere funksjoner. De kompakte JBL L82 Classic, gir så mye moro for pengene, at vi utroper dem til best i klassen. Sony’s lens catalogue is looking more and more tempting, whether you’re shopping at the mid or high end. The Sony A6600 is a ruggedly built body with dust and moisture-resistance to … The camera's 4K UHD video recording derives from a 6K oversampled recording for improved quality. Discover the α6600 premium E-mount APS-C camera from Sony & explore all the Cameras features. Mer lik Canon og Fujis, og det er en godt ting. 2,36 mp oppløsning er veldig bra, om ikke klasseledende, men kameraet har noen nykker som vi ikke liker like godt. Med en oppgitt batteritid på 810 bilder, i praksis mer, rekker man å ta noen bilder før batterivarsleren blinker rødt. Det har sine fordeler, og ulemper. Autofocus is excellent. Det kan også ta opp 4K30p-video i 100 Mbps, med moderat beskjæring når man bytter fra 4K25p til 4K30p. Sony a6600 har sin kanskje fremste konkurrent i det rimeligere a6400. The Sony a6600 is the company's top-of-the-line APS-C mirrorless camera, with 24MP of resolution and 4K video capture. Her er det også mikrofoninngang, og hodetelefonutgang, perfekt for vloggere, altså. It’s a fight for the ages. Med dette kameraet får du nesten aldri uskarpe bilder, uansett hvor raskt motivet beveger seg. Du kan laste ned, linke til og skrive ut Innhold fra for private og ikke-kommersielle formål, forutsatt at du henviser til kilden, respekterer eventuelle rettighetsnotiser og/eller -reservasjoner. On the subject of the direction pad, the thumbwheel around it – used for controlling shutter speed, by default – is too small and doesn’t offer a stern enough “click” for our liking, making it tricky to use wearing gloves. Med a6600 er vi ikke like skråsikre. As Sony's new flagship APS-C camera, the 24.2-meagpixel A6600 has a lot to live up to. It’s a 1cm number with 2.36 million pixels, and does a really good job of transmitting exposure and focus detail to the photographer. We love the viewfinder and its balance, as well as its build quality and, of course, that massive battery, which goes some way to assuaging criticism number one of mirrorless cameras, which is that they don’t go long enough between charges. For den som har råd, skal det godt gjøres å få bedre lyd fra digitalsamlingen eller strømmetjenester. The resulting handgrip is easy to get your fingers around and we prefer the bigger, easier to grab ergonomics. Ta bare de snertne kompaktkameraene i RX100-serien, for ikke å snakke om RX1000. It doesn’t swivel out from the camera but can be flipped 180° to face forwards, allowing vloggers and selfie fans to compose accurately. It feels like a camera that will stand up to the rigours of professional, must-get-the-shot mistreatment. En digital notatbok er en mye bedre idé enn det høres ut som. Discover the α6600 premium E-mount APS-C camera from Sony & explore all the Cameras features. Pros Superb image quality Its full-frame flagship, the A9 knocked our socks off when we reviewed it, and its mid-market model, the A6400 did likewise, thanks to its killer combination of performance, image quality and portability. Det fulle navnet er EPOS Sennheiser Adapt 660, hvor enda bedre talelyd er den største forskjellen. One word of warning for those who want to spray and pray at, say, a wedding, is that the A6600’s irritating rolling shutter effect (discussed below in Video Quality) is equally obvious when shooting stills with the electronic shutter. With its 24MP APS-C sensor, the A6600 is capable of delivering excellent image quality. Its high-framerate option of 100fps is matched by the A6600, as is its ability to shoot log. Og viktigst for mange: De leverer den samme, høye, bildekvaliteten. Sonys toppspekkede spillkonsoll leverer lynrask ytelse og sylskarp grafikk – skreddersydd for neste generasjons avanserte spill. Sony-kameraet er værtettet og solid bygget. © 2020 Publish AS. Battery life is a key differentiator, with the Sony’s 720 shots or 150 minutes video recording comparing very well to the X-T3’s 390 frames or 45 minutes of video. Som i bunn og grunn er det samme kameraet, bare uten innebygget bildestabilisator. The Sony A6600 is packed with technology to keep images steady, even when energized—pairing well with its 24.2MP sensor and 4K video capturing capabilities. Du kan ikke bruke Innhold, herunder (men ikke begrenset til) ikoner, for noen andre formål eller på noen andre måter enn de som er uttrykkelig tillatt. Strøken bildekvalitet, den råeste autofokusen blant APS-C-kameraer og et solid, og værtettet kamerahus. Skarphet henger som alltid sammen med objektivet, og de to kit-objektivene, 16-50 og 18-135mm, er fremragende til prisen, men ikke i samme liga som 16-70 eller 35mm/1.8, som vi også testet på a6600. The A6600 is a dream to use. A super fun, super quality camera with super battery life – but not a camera that wins our unqualified approval. The combination of the Sony FE 28-60mm on the A7C camera is much lighter and smaller in volume than the Sony A6600 and the FE 18-135mm. The A6500 uses the older NP-FW50 which has a much smaller capacity per charge. Sony a6600 har den samme 24 Mp bakbelyste bildebrikken, som vi kjenner fra tidligere tester, hvor bildekvaliteten ikke står tilbake for noe i denne klassen. Vi setter stor pris på at du leser Lyd & Bilde. Internally, it’s pleasing to see zebra striping and focus peaking, both of which combine to make the A6600 straightforward to use. Alle tre har samme formfaktor, klassens raskeste autofokus, 11 bilder/s skuddtakt, elektronisk søker og vippbar pekeskjerm. Sony A6600 review: Video quality. Støyomfanget er strengt tatt av akademisk betydning. Du må være innlogget for å kunne kommentere. The A6600 also gets in-body image stabilisation, plenty of body-mounted controls and a bigger, more comfortable grip, making this one of the most desirable APS-C cameras you can get. It’s helped along the way by the A6600’s video credentials, which mean both zebra striping for overexposure, and focus peaking are on hand to make sure your image will emerge from the camera just as you expected.
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