Over the past year, she has stunned the craft world by creating hair braids with embroidery thread and adding a three-dimensional element to her two-dimensional stitched women. Embroidery Beauty, a look at Sheena Liam (Times New Roman) Malaysian Born artist and model Sheena Liam has gained over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram by showcasing her beautiful and interesting embroidery work. She learned the craft from her mother and has used this medium as a way to express herself and to relax between work and travels. 1991, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia) - Top Fashion Model and Embroiderer. During the quieter moments of the day, when model Sheena Liam is somewhere between travelling and photoshoots, she picks up her embroidery hoop and creates portraits of girls with flowing thread hair. The hand-sewn images imitate her own subtle gestures from her day-to-day life, focusing on rituals of self care. Sheena named her embroidery masterpieces Times New Romance, a pet project that sprung to life some time in 2017. Times New Romance. I decided to sculpt camels in a needle." "In a strange way modelling parallels my art in the sense I often have to use body language as means of expressing a certain sort of mood. pin Anda sendiri di Pinterest. Sheena Liam’s portraits look like models that are poised for a photo shoot. On October 19th, Paris' legendary print studio and gallery, Idem, will be presenting a debut solo exhibition of embroidery by Malaysian artist Sheena Liam.Titled Times New Romance, the presentation will include the type of works she's been sharing under the same Internet moniker, and which got an exceptional recognition and widespread media attention worldwide. DIY and Crafts. See more ideas about embroidery, hand embroidery, embroidery designs. Embroidery art. Originally from Malaysia, Liam started her artistic endeavors illustrating, as well as designing outfits and homes for her paper dolls. Willard Wigan | British Sculptor "Threads, patterns, and needle sizes have come such a long way since your grandmother's times. Embroidery that Breaks the Fourth Wall posted by Jason Kottke Oct 17, 2018 Oh, I love this embroidery art by Sheena Liam that leaps off of the fabric and out of the hoop. Originally from Malaysia, Liam started her artistic endeavors illustrating, as well as designing outfits and homes for her paper dolls. But it wasn't until she started embroidering her drawings that she felt recognized as an ar… 1 day ago. Malaysian-born artist and model Sheena Liam creates self-portraiture through dark green thread and embroidery hoops. Embroidery Art by Sheena Liam. 3 weeks ago. Embroidery And Stitching. Sheena Liam, embroidery artist/model with Times New Romance What is your WFH routine like? Using embroidery hoops and a black thread as a substitute for her subject’s long locks, Liam’s embroidered art features women with flowing locks of hair. Needlepoint Stitch .. the hoop is to an embroiderer what a canvas is to a painter, and a stage is to a model. Explore. Sheena Liam’s embroidery art proves she is more than just a model. Embroidery … Hair is at the center of Liam’s creative work. Beautiful 3D Embroidery Art That “Leaps Off The Page” By Sheena Liam . your own Pins on Pinterest Sheena Liam’s Flowing Thread Embroidery Words Brit Seaton. Artist and fashion model Sheena Liam creates beautiful embroidery art with a three-dimensional touch. I am obsessed with her brilliant handiwork and the way hair often breaks out of the 2D and into the 3D, literally trailing outside of the bounds of the hoop. Her works are immediately distinguishable: figurative pieces captured in moments of self-reflection, woven in dark green thread on an un-primed canvas, with an almost sculptural like twist on hair that leaps off the canvas. Nov 20, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Hope Marbut. Born and raised in Malaysia, Sheena Liam is the embroidery artist behind the acclaimed Instagram account @times.new.romance. Rūta Grašytė Community member. Article from artisticmoods.com. Each hair embroidery piece employs thread as the figure's hair. But it wasn't until she started embroidering her drawings that she Sheenna Liam never imagined she’d be working in embroidery. Search for: Back Stitch Video. This image is totally thrown out the window when you discover international model Sheena Liam. Liam’s other occupation is modelling, a job that takes her around the globe. May 23, 2017 - Behold, the hoop art of your dreams (assuming your dreams involve amazing hair). Embroidery artist Sheena Liam thinks outside of the conventional wooden hoop to produce unique portraiture. Ihre weiblichen Protagonisten aus schwarzem Pfaden, deren Frisuren quasi aus dem Stickrahmen zu poppen … Surface Satin Stitch. Auch Sheena Liam aus Los Angeles tobt sich offenbar mit großer Leidenschaft an ihrem Stickrahmen aus. This was not that difficult to draw, but it was difficult to draw well. Discover (and save!) Sheena Liam's embroidery art features portraits of girls and women with 3D hairstyles. More. There are many photos of her fabulous work on the internet. 80K views. Search a Stitch or Pattern. Sheena uses her thread to double as hair, a simple yet stunning technique. “Wake up, cook a lot with intervals of cleaning, then [watch] movies while I work on my artwork. Needlepoint Stitch.. Embroidery Art. Sheena Liam | Embroidery Artist "I heard someone say that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven. As a child, Liam learnt the basics of embroidery from her mother and found herself revisiting the medium time and time again as means of self expression between travelling and modelling. Sheena Liam | Embroidery Artist. Discover (and save!) Sheena Liam (Chinese: 粘悦馨; pinyin: Nián Yuèxīn; born 7 May 1991) born Liam Yue Sheen is a fashion model and embroidery artist of Malaysian Chinese descent, most notable for being the winner of the second season of Asia's Next Top Model. Related Content. Her subjects, usually based on herself, are depicted in a thoughtful and calm, almost bored manner. May 28, 2017 - My Monday crush: beautifully embroidered ladies by artist & fashion model Sheena Liam. About the Surface Satin Stitch The Surface Satin Stitch… Stitch Flowers: Granitos Stitch. Aug 5, 2019 - 1.3m Likes, 10.2k Comments - Instagram (@instagram) on Instagram: “Warning: Sheena Liam’s (@times.new.romance) hand-embroidered creations may not be based on real…” Article by Kalpi K. 5. Embroidery art. Sheena Liam. These days, Sheena Liam is shedding her title as Asia's Next Top Model and increasingly relating to a whole different agenda: art. Creatively, there is just so much to get into, so much to play with. Jun 21, 2017 - Amandine Bouet https://www.instagram.com/amandinebouet/ Recognised as the winner of the second season of Asia’s Next Top Model, Sheena is recently being associated with a whole new industry separate from the fashion world, embroidery art! Sheena Liam - Embroidery Artist I initially discovered Sheena Liam's embroidery work on the Guardian, in an article called Hair Raising: embroidered female portraits - in pictures. your own Pins on Pinterest Sheena Liam is an embroidery artist and model who usually stitches line art of women of extraordinary grace and amazing hair. Das Fashion-Model mit Wurzeln in Malaysia präsentiert auf ihrem Instagram-Account: @times.new.romance die beeindruckenden Ergebnisse ihrer Embroidery-Art. Stitch … Nov 24, 2020 - Explore Chyauncee Lynn's board "embroidery", followed by 127 people on Pinterest. Introducing Hand Embroidery to Children; Common Mistakes Made in Hand Embroidery; Benefits of Hand Embroidery; Recent Articles. One artist taking embroidery to the next level is Sheena Liam, whose original and refreshing take on the technique has cultivated an impressive online following which continues to gain momentum. Sheena Liam is a nomad, traveling as a fashion model and embroidering in her spare time. I was intrigued, so I googled her and found out she is a 28 year old model and embroidery artist from Malaysia. When you think of embroidery, #hairgoals probably aren't the first thing that comes to mind. Apr 20, 2020 - Sheena Liam is a nomad, traveling as a fashion model and embroidering in her spare time. Sheena Liam aka シーナ・リアム aka Sheena Liam Yue Sheen aka 粘悦馨 aka Nián Yuèxīn (Malaysian-Chinese, b. When Sheena Liam isn’t modelling duds for high-end fashion brands, she’s stitching the embroidery of your dreams – assuming your dreams involve visions of lasses with free-flowing locks and braids. Fabric Crafts. Liam | 粘悦馨. Jun 10, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Bella Thompson.
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