Responsible for safe preparation and disposal of blood collecting equipment. For example: Phlebotomy Training – UAF Community and Technical College – Muskogee, OK – 2012, Certified From ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathologists), High School Diploma – Muskogee High School – 2011. Post navigation. Your work experience should be listed in an ascending order, putting your most recent experiences first and your first experience last. All results are due for 6am physician rounds. Typical duties seen on a Phlebotomist resume sample include drawing blood, taking part in blood donation events, storing blood properly, answering to patient inquiries, and offering first aid when necessary. Completed collection of samples needed for routine lab testing and labeled specimens accurately. Performed urinalysis and Coumadin testing when needed and enter results in computer. Proficient with Centrifuging machine, Complete Blood Count computer, Urine analysis, Blood Testing, Glucose testing. Updated Doctors or Nurse as requested in a timely manner. Responded to patient calls for treatment and nourishment. What to Include in Your Phlebotomy Instructor Resume? For example: Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts – Fresno, CA. Packaged tubes and matched requisition papers to proper patient for send out to Bio-Ref, Quest, or Lab Corp for shipping, Ran and analyzed Completed Blood Count(s), stats and timed tests, Reported all critical to doctors and entered results in alert book. WorkBloom's resume templates all come with matching cover letters. Our algorithm helps isolate phrases and patterns to identify the most frequently recurring and reused keywords from each data source, while correcting for uncommon and … If it’s too long and wordy, they might get disinterested and move on. You may also want to include a headline or summary statement that clearly communicates your goals … To apply for a position as a phlebotomist, you need to have a resume that gives employers an insight on how they will not regret hiring you. For example: Make sure to be informative about the details of the organization you worked with as well as the duties and responsibilities you handled while working there. The very first section should include your contact information. Rapidly adapted from instructional setting to [company name] setting without affecting productivity and improving wait time. I have also attaching my resume with this cover letter. Karen Brown Dayjob Limited The Big Peg 120 Vyse Street Birmingham B18 6NF England T: 0044 121 638 0026 E: Performed receptionist and clerical duties for patient registration and front desk support. Phlebotomy Technicians, more commonly referred to as Phlebotomists, work with patients in hospitals, blood banks, and other medical set-ups by drawing their blood for lab tests and blood donations. Did some paper work and other office duties. Stormy Lee. JOHN M. SAMPLE PO Box 440612 • Ocean City, MD 12345 877.875.7706 • … Blood Donor Phlebotomist Resume. An experienced qualified phlebotomist can minimize discomfort and perform the procedure quickly, accurately and painlessly. Responsible for the setup and plasmatheresis, Works with clients before, during, and after the donor process, Works full time as a phlebotomist with a flexible schedule and a variety of shifts, Collaborates all machines and makes verification that equipment is working properly on early shifts, Responsible for cleaning the machines and clearing the floor on late shifts, Works quickly and accurately with clients, other staff, and managers, Communicated with patients and staff on the specimen collection Procedures, Followed established policies and procedures, Punctual and Good Problem Resolution Abilities, Confident and a rational ability to work independently or in a group, Excellent verbal and written communication skills, Follow infection-control and safety procedures in carrying out daily phlebotomy functions, Prepare blood-collecting equipment, draw blood, and safely store and transport samples, Build trust and minimize patient discomfort during phlebotomy procedures while efficiently collecting blood specimen, Preform testing on infant through geriatric patients, Traveled to applicants homes who were in the process of purchasing life insurance, to obtain urine and blood specimens for analysis, Centrifuged and prepped specimens for shipment to lab specialists, Supplied, reviewed, and obtained paperwork with applicant for insurance purposes, Properly packed and shipped all materials to lab and sent paperwork to local branch, labs, and insurance companies. The resume summary describes your greatest achievements and most substantial relevant experience. 2314 Brannon Street. © 2020 Job Hero Limited. Blue is a perfect color for a phlebotomist resume, being catchy for the eye but conservative in the same time. For example: Objective: To increase the value of the company through excellence as Phlebotomy Instructor. Think of it as the first impression a potential employer will have of you. Write A Phlebotomy Resume Objective or Summary Just like a blood panel, someone experienced should be able to look at your phlebotomist resume and establish the key metrics immediately. Phlebotomy resume. This is what you need to know, Phlebotomy Instructor: 7 Things You Need to Know, Working knowledge of anatomy, physiology, infection control and specimen processing. For more information on what it takes to be a Phlebotomy Technician, check out our complete Phlebotomy Technician Job Description. This portion of your phlebotomy resume mentions your skills and highlights the strengths you possess. Comprehensive follow through of all action plans installed for patient safety. Recruiters generally prefer short and to the point career goals/objectives. The objective should be concise and to the point. To obtain the position of phlebotomist where I would utilize my knowledge of phlebotomy-related … Avoid using first person speech patterns, such as “I”, “my” or “me” in your phlebotomy resume. You have just graduated from your phlebotomy training, you know perfectly well how to draw blood and tube colors are not causing you a headache anymore. Previous Post: Nurse RN Resume. Their resumes reflect such duties as preparing blood-collecting equipment, … If you have an e-mail address, include it below your telephone number. The Most Common Phlebotomist Resume Skills The work of the phlebotomist involves unenjoyable for patients collecting blood procedures. Take the guess work out of writing a phlebotomy resume with our detailed examples and template. A Note About Networking You’ll find mountains of complaints online that, “you need to know someone to get phlebotomist jobs.” Follow infection-control and safety procedures in carrying out daily phlebotomy functions. Assisted patients with wheelchairs, patient sign in and gave directions for appointments. Once you check our free a phlebotomist resume sample, you can create your customized document in just about 15 minutes using our builder, and then print, email, or download it … The objective should be relatively short and get straight to the point. For example: Objective: To obtain a Phlebotomist position at Lakeland HealthCare, utilizing my skills in comprehending lab additives and phlebotomy procedures. Phlebotomy Technicians, more commonly referred to as Phlebotomists, work with patients in hospitals, blood banks, and other medical set-ups by drawing their blood for lab tests and blood donations. Handled phone calls from patients and doctors for scheduling appointments. To apply for a position as a phlebotomist, you need to have a resume that gives employers an insight on how they will not regret hiring you. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels. Other duties included ordering lab test needed. Proficiently operates, maintains and calibrates centrifuges, blood tube rockers, and bar code scanner equipment. 20+ lead phlebotomist resume samples to … ), Completed 160 hrs externship plus 8 hrs of volunteer and have since accrued an accumulative 1 years' experience. Performed heel sticks for labs and newborn screens. She possesses extensive knowledge of phlebotomy … Accurately identify the patient and their information. Weekly Inventory and reorder of office and medical supplies. Applying for a position as a phlebotomy instructor requires a different resume as compared to a phlebotomy technician’s resume. Distributed specimen to their respective department. Organized and correctly labeled and identified patient specimen for testing in a timely manner. Registered patients, obtained patient information and processed lab orders for all patients. Obtained peripheral phlebotomy specimens in a patient setting of 61 beds -2:30am to 5:30 am. Some recruiters use e-mail to send information about electronic applications, so having a professional e … Complied with OSHA/HIPAA regulations in order to assure patient confidentiality. Phlebotomists are healthcare professionals working in hospitals, blood donation centers, and blood banks. Using the right words will help you get through to the interview phase. Description: Simple in design and easy to use, this phlebotomy resume is beautifully elegant.Perfect for a phlebotomy technician or a phlebotomy instructor. Their resumes reflect such duties as preparing blood-collecting equipment, drawing blood, safely storing and transporting samples, and minimizing patient discomfort during phlebotomy procedures while efficiently collecting blood specimens. I prepared blood-collecting equipment, drew blood, labeled and safely … When writing your resume, be sure to reference the job description and highlight any skills, awards and certifications that match with the requirements. As seen in the sample phlebotomist resume given above, concise and structured information in the resume helps in creating a positive impression on the reader’s mind, thereby increasing your chances of securing a job in this field. You can easily add your skills in the upper front area. Mainain a safe and professional environmental. Administer drug and alcohol testing. Obtain blood samples for medical testing and transfusion through venipuncture or capillary puncture. Hence you may replace the sample details with your original, or just take a basic idea of the Phlebotomy resume making by studying it. Carefully followed all safety procedures during phlebotomy work. As central as the Red Blood Cell Count, has to be a phlebotomist resume objective or summary. Administer aseptic techniques established by laboratory protocol and exercise appropriate bio-safety precautions. If you need a phlebotomy resume we have 10 for free here. by Great Resumes Fast. Prepared, processed, and stored patient specimens and samples according to departmental procedures. The objective should be concise and to the point. Special talent for instructing patients about procedures, Thorough understanding of centrifugation and specimen aliquoting, Adept at managing office work relevant to the position, Skilled in Multitasking and Customer Service, Collected blood and urine specimens using venous and micro techniques, Verified specimen collection information in laboratory information system, Communicated with patients and staff to provide information regarding status of orders, Followed established policies and procedures, Neonatal heel sticks and capillary punctures, Knowledgeable in the use of standard phlebotomy equipment such as tourniquets, vaccutainer tubes and sleeves, and butterfly needles and syringes, Able to allay patient fears and elicit collaboration. For example: This is the part where you get to boast about any prior work experience you have, if you have any. Some Sample Phlebotomist Resume Objectives. Get inspired by this cover letter sample for phlebotomists to learn what you should write in a cover letter and how it should be formatted for your application. Planned field trips and job fairs for students. Entry Level Phlebotomist Resume Objective Samples. This portion of your phlebotomy resume mentions your skills and highlights strengths you possess. All this and everything within the phlebotomist CV example needs to be addressed in your own curriculum vitae so a hiring manager knows you will not need any training if you are offered the job. Gathered information on latest practices and advancements in phlebotomy. Use of centrifuge to prepare SST's in a timely manner. Verify pharmacy, medication and allergy lists and hold refills for provider approval. For example: Holzer Health Systems – Gallipolis, OH Summer 2013, Kaiser Permanente – CA September 2008 – October 2008. Similar to the way you displayed your work experience on your resume, the information about your training and educational background should also be listed in an ascending order. Make sure to be informative about the details of the organization you worked with as well as the duties and responsibilities you handled while you were there. The phlebotomy objective section should ensemble your skills, accuracy factor and dedication to the job. PERSONAL SUMMARY. Performed many incisions to retrieve specimens. Professional Phlebotomist Resume Example. Set-up and completes 12 lead EKG's, ensures specimens are collected accurately and timely. Download our free resume templates. Prepare and pack specimen for testing. Educated patients on how to collect urine, stool and semen samples. Even though the major differences are not in the format they may be in the details you include in your phlebotomy instructor resume. I have approximately 2 and ½ years experience after graduation in Phlebotomy from Columbia University, in which I have administered blood taking, … Writing a great phlebotomist cover letter is an important step in getting hired at a new job, but it can be hard to know what to include and how to format a cover letter. Representative Phlebotomist resume experience can include: Phlebotomist with 2-3 years' experience and able to demonstrate strong phlebotomy skills Typing, organiziational skills, accurate data entry skills and the ability to remain calm and function efficiently during difficult or emergency situations Stating practices and methods you are already acquainted with may even be a plus point for you. Write a phlebotomist resume objective if you have less than 3 years of work experience else go with a phlebotomist resume summary. • Looking for work as a Phlebotomist at AAA Laboratory . Phlebotomy Technician Resume Examples. Writing a great Phlebotomist resume is an important step in your job search journey. Performed venipunctures and skin punctures to obtain a blood sample for laboratory testing. Received over 80 hours of clinical experience. Utilized standard procedures to prepare and collect specimens requested. Prepared and organized of patient specimens for testing. Generally speaking, you should plan on using MS Word or PDF format when you save your resume, unless the job application requests otherwise. It should also give the employer a brief idea about your goals in this career. After going over our phlebotomist resume sample, you might wonder what file format you should use to save and submit your document. Performed over 50 urine testing procedures. Familiar with medical terminology, first-aid and safety. It is my goal to apply my vast knowledge and experience in a facility where growth and opportunities are constantly offered. Comprehensive understanding of compliance and patient safety. Objective: Seeking to establish a responsible though challenging position as a phlebotomy technician. Properly notate patient name, collection time, initial and dating specimen and requisition form. It is advisable to state your objective briefly and mention only two or three of your job relevant skills. All rights reserved. Matched laboratory requisition forms to specimen tubes, Disposed of blood or other biohazard fluids or tissue, contaminated sharps, in accordance with applicable laws, standards, and policies, Entered patient, specimen, insurance, or billing information into computer, Explained procedures to patients, answered questions and addressed concerns, Organized or clean blood-drawing trays, ensuring that all instruments are sterile and all needles, syringes, or related items are of first-time use, Collected fluid or tissue samples, using appropriate collection procedures, Transported specimens or fluid samples from collection sites to laboratories, Received exceptional marks from Allied Health Instructor regarding skill evaluation. Drew blood from veins by vacuum tube, syringe, or butterfly venipuncture methods and from capillaries by dermal puncture, such as heel or finger stick methods on an average of 40 patients a day, Accurately obtains blood samples via venipuncture, finger and heel sticks on patients of all ages (pediatric to geriatric adults) with minimal discomfort and repetition, Drew 40-45 patients blood specimens per day with over 200 tests performed in total.
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