You can shape the jasmine, as desired. Pruning and Training in Jasmine: Summer Jasmine: Prune jasmine immediately after flowering, in late summer or early autumn. Night-blooming jasmines flower up to four times per year, after which, they produce white berries full of seeds. This plant can be pruned fairly hard or on the light side, depending on the look you want. Prune out thin, old shoots after flowering, which occurs in the springtime, to shape the plant and restrain growth. Prune A Jasmine Plant. To ensure good blooming: Prune in late spring after the jasmine flowers to encourage lush growth and prepare the vine for flowering the following year. The time to prune Star Jasmine is right after it’s finished flowering. It’s also possible to pruning after flowering. The good thing about jasmine (Jasminum officinale) is that even if you do little it tends to just keep flowering. Prune summer jasmine in late summer after it blooms. You may need to prune 1 or 2 more times in summer/early fall … Pruning will invigorate plants and … Right after flowering is the best time to prune your Star Jasmine. Prune dead or weak offshoots to the central stem, and remove unwanted vines. Cut branches that feel thin or weak, as well as those that are crossing over each other. Prune after blooming ends in mid-fall by cutting back the tender ends of the longer stems to a side-shoot lower down on the plant. Summer jasmine needs to be pruned from late summer to early fall, after blooming is completely over. It’s also often practiced to prune after the blooming, so that spring flowers aren’t compromised. If grown as a houseplant, chances are that the flowers will never pollinate, unless you do it by hand with an artist's brush or similar tool. Use a pair of small pruning shears. Use pruning shears or loppers to cut back dead, broken, nonproductive or diseased branches first. If you have summer flowering Jasmine (Trachelo- spermum jasminoides), this requires little or no maintenance, but if you need to cut it back, best to do it in the spring. Plants that are pruned heavily in the spring will bounce back and flower … Pruning after flowering gives the new growth time to mature & flower early next season. If you have a Star Jasmine hedge than you’ll need to prune 1 or 2 more times during the season to keep it tamed. Early flower flushes increase on the previous year’s growth, but later flushes develop on the tips of the current year’s growth. Prune preferably at the end of winter but before the first buds appear. Pruning is easy – simply pinch the tips by … Pruning isn’t a definite necessity for Osmanthus, but, nonetheless, it helps keep a dense, tight bearing all year round. You want to stimulate that new growth which brings on the flowering for next year. Prune back into shape after flowering. Prune jasmine blooms immediately after they flower so vines have enough time to grow before the following season. I pruned mine in early June but could have done it in early May. Cut back branches that are crossing each other, growing out from the plant awkwardly with no support, or in areas that are very crowded. Pruning from autumn until early spring will destroy flowering tips, resulting in no flowers in spring.
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