Exceptional Sound System Rental Singapore. Some soundbars, however, come with rear channels (or drivers) that serves to create the same soundscape. Both soundbars and soundbases are decent alternatives to having a full home-theatre multiple speakers set up. Our friendly and professional staff can advise you. Furthermore, all you need to do is place it on a table top and you’re good to go – no further installation costs or setup required! This sound system with 2 speakers offers superior sound quality for corporate events and weddings. It has an immersive soundstage and is able to recreate that loud-booming scene present in all action thriller movies. It also comes with a powerful subwoofer – and any gamer or movie-enthusiast will definitely appreciate that almost tactile bassy sound. Contact us directly for pricing. We have put together a short description of what is possible. The rental price also includes an analog audio mixer, 2 wireless mics and tripod stands for the speakers. We have a huge inventory of professional audio and visual equipment for rent in Singapore. Immerse yourself in the virtual world with the Razer Leviathan Soundbar. The first number before the period (i.e. This commission comes at no added cost to you. Depending on the size of the venue and number of guests invited, we can scale our sound equipment and speakers accordingly. The official JBL Singapore Online Store. There might not be a need to overbuy and get the best soundbars in the market, if you’re only using the soundbar to listen to your television. Today, there are more content that are compatible with the Dolby Atmos technology. – Music festivals Sound Rental SG specialise in affordable sound system rental in Singapore. This doubles up as not just a TV soundbar but a quality sound projector. Enjoy quality sound which is worth more than what you’re paying for with the Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Soundbar. Get any one of them and they will definitely not disappoint you. Best Budget Home Theatre System. Get the JBL Soundbar and Subwoofer today! Contact us! Sound System Rental Do I need a licence for playing movies and copyrighted videos in public? Whether you are hosting a concert, corporate event, or conference, a robust sound system is a bare necessity for a successful event. Ultimately it is important to know what works best with what you already have at home and buy something that is compatible – unless you’re planning to upgrade shortly. Soundbars solve that problem easily as it is compact and fits snugly below your TV either mounted or on the table top. If you are looking for a reliable audio and visual equipment supplier in Singapore, look no further. in addition, you can easily move this portable PA speaker around with the trolley wheels attached. With 4 full-range drivers creating a wide dispersion of sound, you get an all-surround soundscape with powerful and clear audio. Get the Xiaomi TV Soundbar for a great value for money soundbar. Having a soundbar at home instantly replicates the surround sound that you get in cinemas – giving you an instant upgrade to your tv watching moments. With plenty of inputs, this soundbar readily takes on your home theatre or PC desktop. At an entry-level price point, the Samsung Soundbar N400 is worth every buck. For instance, we have from budget PA speaker to professional sound system and speakers for rent. This massive 7.1-channel 600 Watt soundbar from Nakamichi delivers a powerful home audio experience for those who do not want to commit to the hassle and space of a full receiver system. The bass thumps powerfully and creates a dynamic soundscape. The rental price includes one wireless microphone. Whether your wedding reception is indoor or outdoor, we can help you. What really sold us on this Xiaomi Soundbar is not just the price, but the whole Scandinavian look of it. Dare to Listen! And you won’t need an updated Blu-ray player nor better HDMI cables, as these are compatible! Sound System Singapore. With its powerful drivers and wide frequency range, it produces a refined audio output and decent bass. Listen to the sound, feel the craftmanship, and see the design first-hand. All current & rider friendly gear available. Soundbars are wider and hence result in a wider sound projection. You can play music and songs by connecting your laptops or mobile phones to the sound mixer via audio aux cable. With a chameleon-like lightning display at the rear, it’s alluring and impressive as a centrepiece and provides ambient vibes to any home. Our team of dedicated sound crew will set up and manage the sound system and speakers from start till the end of you event. About PA Systems: From battery-powered portables to monster 3-way systems with multiple subwoofers and refrigerator-sized racks full of power amps, your PA system is a big part of what presents you to the world. The drivers are designed to project a more distinct yet richer sound. With a wide range projection and the wireless bass subwoofer, the soundbar creates an optimal soundstage that is almost tactile. Dolby Atmos) would be a definite game-changer. – Corporate functions and meetings Importantly, we only rent reputable brands of sound system and speakers which will deliver high audio quality and clarity. Transform your home setup and bask in that almost therapeutic sonic boost all day long. Your event’s success is our pride. We have modern PA systems which offer superior sound quality for a wide range of corporate and private events, including sound system rental for weddings. – Annual general meetings The Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar is a straightforward solution to elevating the sound you hear at home. This rental professional sound system with 2 speakers is ideal for a large size venue. Here at Musicshop.sg, we can assist with all your commercial audio needs.

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