Schelter&Giesecke in Leipzig and C.E. Additions in 2009 include Lowndes (soft blackletter), Christmas Fleurons, Merry Snowmen, Cherritt (described as a Victorian era Courier), DoodleBirds, Halloween Fleurons, ButtonFaces, Sabio (neither slab nor sans), Daub (brush graffiti font), Sabinard (a modern swash face), Cullions (futuristic blackletter), Coronard (blackletter / roman hybrid), Easter Fleurons, Chapter Initials, Paveline (19th century calligraphic script), Mellin Sans and Open, Gildersleeve (evoking the 1920s Arts and Crafts movement), Stannard (a 1920's advertising inspired small caps face), Slattery (a horizontally shaded fun face), Slatterine (2009, more retro futurism), Spillsbury (2010, Victorian family), Cirflex (2010, geometric display typeface based on arcs of circles), Oxonia (2010, a classic roman family) and Vectis (classic Roman elegance, another small caps face). Download all her fonts in one zip file. German Expressionism. In the same calligraphic series, we find Cal Rustic Capitals (2012), Cal Square Capitals (2012), and Cal Uncial (2012). Many of his typefaces can be classified as German expressionist. In 2010, Bernd Volmer and Ateleir Carvalho Bernau published the free typeface Jean-Luc, which is named after Jean-Luc Godard. It can be used for various purposes such as branding, signatures, logos, wedding invitations and much more. In his era, he was at the top of his craft (in my view). ), Stage (Sans-serif, narrow, Art Deco, fleeting taste of Broadway), Strassburg Fraktur (Handwritten fraktur, ornate majuscules, Wiegel-coding), Tank (PI font with (gas/petrol) tank station logos), TengwarOptime (Optima for Tengwar), TGL 0-16/0-17 (East German versions of DIN 16 and DIN 17 blueprint types), TGL 31034-1, TGL 31034-2 (East German versions of DIN 6776 / DIN EN ISO 3098 blueprint types), Utusi Star (Sans-serif, slight resemblance with Rundfunk), Varieté (Sans-serif, all-majuscule or caps/smallcaps), Vis-A-Vis (Serif, all-majuscule, split in middle), Volk Redis (Kurrent handwriting, anno 1930-1941), Vrångö (LED matrix type like Ring Matrix), Waschküche (Serif, resembles Antykwa Torunska), Wiegel Kurrent (Kurrent-style handwriting), Wiegel Latein (Latin-style handwriting), Wolgast Script (Sloppy-looking handwriting with a broad-nib pen), Wolgast Two (Latin/Cyrillic handwriting), XAyax (Serif, Jugendstil, narrow, all-majuscule), Yiggivoo Unicode (Sans-serif, wide, tall x, board game packaging feel), Youbilee (PI font with various jubilee laurels), Verkehrszeichen (Zeichen) (PI fonts with traffic signs (in layers)), Verkehrszeichen alt (Zeichen Alt) (PI fonts with old traffic signs (in layers)). Posterizer KG (+Rounded) contains all the Latin and Cyrillic glyphs. Interview in 2008. The condensed grotesks Around (2020), Heinrich (2019) and Schwarzenberg (2019). A non-exhaustive list includes. MyFonts link. Tim Burton's work influenced not just illustrators and cinema, but also type design. [More]  ⦿. [Google] After that, he had to remove HL from his site. Art deco caps: Reverse (2020), Bathroom (2019), Idiotism (2019). Other revivals include Hoelderlin (2018, Ralph M. Unger). In 2020, at Paavola Type Studio, he released Seigneur Serif Display, a high-contrast serif in the Dutch tradition (his own words). [Google] Arapix12 (2012) is a Latin-Arabic pixel font with very special capabilities: every Latin and Arabic glyphs are designed within just 12 pixels, which is especially reduced for fitting Arabic extended ascenders and descenders. In 2015, he followed that up by a non-stencil rounded sans called Sirucanorm: Designed using golden ratio formulas, it's inspired to DIN and Isonorm typeface. His first font, Art Decor (2009), is a brush typeface in the style of Treefrog. Carvalho / Bernau write: We didn't find out who originally made the lettering for these two movies. A 14-style ink-trapped sans. [Google] Berlin-based designer who created these typefaces: Polish graphic designer, b. Style : Regular. Scalper-Bold, Scalper, ScalperInk (2001). [Google] Yet another URL. Typefaces from 2016: Twiddlestix, Konigsberg (rounded sans), Wicked Mouse (looney tunes typeface), Heathergreen (a tall condensed sans), Wonderbar (psychedelic), College Block (athletic lettering), Death Star, Ring of Kerry (uncial style), Blockletter (octagonal), Café Françoise, Cronus (round monoline sans), Suissnord (a wide sans display typeface), Grinched 2.0 (an update of Grinched), Red Seven (futuristic), Enchanted Land (derived from the blackletter genre), Freakshow (ornamental ransom note font), Deutschlander (a condensed sans for movie credits and similar applications). The prints of Horst Janssen had a characteristic uneven hand-printed lettering that led Erica Jung and Ricardo Marcin to design the multi-featured opentype typeface Horst (2010). In 2012, he published Collage BB (hand-drawn didone), the heavy Egyptian typeface Posterizer KG at DizajnDesign. This extensive typeface family consists of Trilogy Sans Compressed, Trilogy Sans Condensed. [Google] Fonts made in 2012: db Como (a simple monospace sans), db Sticker (hairline sans), db Rocko v2 (stencil face), db Today v1 (a beautiful black slab face), db Today v2, db Etroite (2012, in several weights: constructivist), db N3, db Drops (fat counterless face), db Quarz Mix, db Soda, db Klacks, db NQ, db Boxer, db Como (monospaced), db Smoothie (fat stencil face), db Quick Cut (stencil), db Karton (stencil), db Frieda. is a German foundry started in 2003 by illustrator and type designer Andreas Seidel (b. HolyCalliope (1999, with Timothy Glaser). Freelance designer and illustrator in Milan, now based in Laveno. Primitive, esp. While not directly linked to a particular typeface, David Kerkhoff's, Romain du roi: In 2008, Wiescher designed the two-style. [Manuel Eduardo Corradine]. After Reiner's 1933 blackletter typeface for Bauer. This experimental typeface has been copied and revived over and over again. Klingspor link. Ukrainian type designer based in Kiev (b. Rudolf Koch chiseled an all caps typeface directly from metal and called it Neuland (Gebr. An angular hand-crafted typeface reminiscent of the movie titling of Dr. Caligari. Typefaces from 2018: Hoek, Breach (paperclip style). Typefaces based on his lettering include Grafiker (2013, a brush typeface loosely based on the work of designers Oskar Kokoschka (1886-1980) and Jean Carlu (1900-1997)), and Kokoschka (2012, Ricardo Marcin and Erica Jung). The free font Sabotage (2002) can be downloaded here. Together, they designed the free typeface family Pischinger (2016), which consists of PischingerFraktur-Basic, PischingerFraktur-InlineGlow, PischingerFraktur-NeonInline, PischingerFraktur-NeonOutline, PischingerFraktur-OutlineNeon, PischingerGrotesk-Basic, PischingerGrotesk-Fontex, PischingerGrotesk-Fontpol, PischingerGrotesk-InlineGlow, PischingerGrotesk-NeonInline, PischingerGrotesk-NeonOutline, PischingerGrotesk-OutlineGlow, and PischingerGrotesk-Shadow. Klingspor). Koch Antiqua (or: Locarno) (1920-1922, Gebr. [More]  ⦿, DecaType (was: Decavantona, or: Contra Studio or Panton Labs) Formulate a thesis that addresses the major characteristics of the style, both technical and artistic.Summarize the historical period, discuss its major contributions, directors, and films.Focus your discussion on ONE Director Cite a minimum of 4 examples from the films listed to support your assertionsCite 4 research references other than your text. [More]  ⦿, Graphicfresh (was: Sameeh Store, or Sameeh Media) The connected handwriting typeface Eric's (2016). SchwabachDeko (2005). Klingspor link. Grunge style. The display typefaces Trader (2020), Oysters (2020), Furious Ride (2020), Portfolio (2019), Pontos (2019), Swordsman (2019), Regular (2019), Andrey (2019), Retrive (2019), Connected (2019), Locator (2018), Tracking (2018), Iceberg (2018: snow-capped letters), New Amsterdam (2018), Ana (2018), Enemy (2018), New Yorkers (2018), Happy Day at School (2018), Focused (2018), Modish (2018), Beholder (2018) and Principality (2017). Typefaces from 2018: Bilbao (an innovative blend of sans, slab and mono genres in 18 styles), Cukier (a logo font family inspired by the vernacular typography from Zanzibar). Typefaces from 2014: Adagio Slab, Adagio Serif, Adagio Sans (a superfamily not to be confused with the 2006 typeface Adagio Pro by Profonts), Adagio Sans Script, Adagio Serif Script, Adagio Slab Script, Tupperware Pro. Ingo writes: The letters present the effect of woodcarving or silhouette cuttings as they are defined exclusively with straight lines and sharp corners. During his studies at Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño in Pamplona, Spain, Gabriel Morala created the free German expressionist typeface Volks Type (2015). alphabetical. [More]  ⦿. A Fraktur font based on Rhapsodie by Ilse Schuele. Die Brücke (The Bridge) was a group of German expressionist artists formed in Dresden in 1905. Revival of the 1912 blackletter typeface by Wilhelm Jaecker for D. Stempel. Search results for "German Expressionism" at Behance link. [Google] Rubén Prol created the sans face Carme (2011), which is free at Google Font Directory. See more ideas about Typeface, Expressionist, German expressionism. Behance link. Ananindeua, Brazil-based creator (b. Several typefaces were inspired by the primitive lettering used in the manifesto and on paintings by type designers such as Richard Kegler (P22) and David Kerkhoff. [More]  ⦿, Jeremy Tankard [MyFonts] Tyefaces from 2019: Rikon (a flat top organic sans family). 1984), who lives and works in Kaysersberg in France's Alsace region. Codesigned with. In-house fonts made in 2008 include Circled Caps, the Yule family (Regular, Klein Regular, Light Flurries, Heavy, Klein heavy, Heavy Snow, Inline; all have Neuland influences). FontShop link. Designer in Opava, Czech Republic, b. Fust & Friends was started in late 2015 by Jan Middendorp (the main motor behind this project), Minjoo Ham, Andreas Seidel, Allan Daastrup, Dan Reynolds, Florian Hardwig, Beatrice Davies and Ed Noel: We're a group of text, typography and lettering lovers with a warm interest in good-looking language. Tome Sans (2020). This optically sized three-style typeface is based on the hand of calligrapher Natascha Safarik. 1958) is an American film director, film producer, writer and artist. In 2008 he designed Flag Semaphore (+Smooth, Peace), Articulate, Font from NATO (military slab serif), Glockenwerk (pixel clock font), Glockenwerk Uhrzeit, Flags-and-NATO (dingbats), Font from NATO alpha, Tall, Flying-Circus (Western showtime typeface to imitate the Monty Python titling font), LCD-display, Simple (stencil font with 700 glyphs), TMNT, Tetris, sharp-pixels, Raster, Quad (nice stencil face), Inverted, Propaganda (Cyrillic font simulation), Empty Monospace, Pride, Stadium, Rounded, Dear God (script pixel face), Celtic Style. [More]  ⦿. Typefaces from 2013: Them (fat brush), Ghost Code, Tiny Heroes (figurines), Over There (sci-fi), Higher than High, Abandon (sketched face), Broken Hearts, True Stories, A wolf at the door (wood style poster face), Elo Hand, Bots n Droids (dingbats), Toonimals 2 (dingbats), Halftoned Backup (textured face), Novlang (textured poster face), Come With Us, Ptits Pirates (pirate figurines), Board Dudes (skateboard dingbats), Big Bro's Watch (grungy), Doonga Slash (comic book face), Round About, Signz, Lethal League (grungy athletic lettering), Dark Times, Dandy Hat Trick, tardots (textured typeface), Dinoz (dinosaur dingbats), Big Surprise (fat script), Comix Loud, Arlequin, Fanzine Title, Scotch Taped, Phoenix (dingbats), Rock's Death (grunge), Tuamotu (textured), Trees Friends (dingbats), King Arthur Legend (blackletter), Fairy Strange, Flame On, Mystery, Money Go Round (ransom note font), Seven of One, Captain's Talk, Peaches en Regalia (sketch font), Wrong Board (textured or crayon typeface), Subito (comic book face), Extra Sales (signage face), Gimme Danger (grunge stencil), Alphabet City (graffiti font), Raleigh Rock, Rysky Lines, Splash, Good Vibers (comic book figurines), Tequilla Sunrise (3d shadow face), Graphers Blog, Star Waves, Splash, Action Comics, Wild Trails (wood plank typeface), Tiki Club (dingbats), Bad Striped (sketched face), Come With Me (paint drip face), Famous Oldies (textured face), Girly Toons (dingbats), Eshop Advert, Full Pack 2025, Dickson's Tale (a great grungy caps face), Hand Typewriter, Campus Relief (athletic lettering), ZalienZ (dingbats), Manga Style (oriental brush), Journal du Soir (letterpress emulation), Royal Delight (3d sketched face), Gothix Fate, Lettrisme (a letterpress ransom note font), NYC Zone 123 (graffiti face), Tedz (teddy bear dingbats), Merry Xmas, Last Day On Earth (textured typeface). [Google] [Muhammad Husni Haikal]. His magnificent posters showcase the Belgian humor that is undoubtedly inherited from growing up during the golden era of Belgian cartoon and comic strip design that included Tintin / Kuifje, Lucky Luke and Robbedoes / Spirou. Nordland (2005). In 2018, Michael Hochleitner, Christoph Schütz, Simon Liesinger and Franziska Weitgruber co-designed Gretel Script at Typejockeys. Biblioteca (2015) by Roberto Osses, Cesar Araya, Patricio Gonzalez and Diego Aravena won an award at, In 2016, Salvador Rodriguez and Diego Aravena Silo co-designed the geometric sans typeface family. He also co-launched the experimental graphics magazine Climax in 1994. Dunkle Irrlicht is a fairly faithful rendition and extension of Judith Type. [Google] The roots of German expressionist painting lay in the works of Vincent van Gogh, Edvard Munch, and James Ensor. [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿. Freelance graphic artist in Gent, Belgium, who won many awards for his design of posters and poster typefaces. Aka Smudge and Scribble. Terazza Tilings (2009) and Valentine's Fleurons (2009) are dingbat typefaces. Behance link. We think this style of lettering was absorbed into the public domain vernacular of French lettering, and that the 2 ou 3 choses titles are derived from these quotidien lettering style, as it would seem to fit Godard's obsession with vernacular typography. [Jeremy Tankard Typography], Jeremy Tankard Typography Creative Market link. FontShop link. Trewin Copplestone writes: A deeply disillusioned man, he saw humanity as essentially bestial and the city of Berlin as a sink of depravity and deprivation, its streets crowded with unprincipled profiteers, prostitutes, war-crippled dregs and a variety of perverts. German Expressionism. This experimental typeface has been copied and revived over and over again. Viennese Secession link. Type designer, teacher, publisher and calligrapher, b. Berlin (1882), d. Gundelfingen (1956). The constructivist typefaces Tokarev (2017), Russiano (2018), Suggested (2018), Hungaria (2018) and Schwachsinn (2018). Another link. Dafont link. [MyFonts] [MyFonts] [More]  ⦿. Typefaces from 2017: DB Jojo, DB Scrape, DB Tape Noir, DB Tape Slab, DB Tape, DB Pins, DB Monoto Sans, DB Mrs Back n Black, DB Dr. Bob, DB Tilda, DB Rondo Mix, DB Rondo, DB Shop. A faux Arabic script font digitized at Profonts/URW++ by. Topics to be studied include: Russian Formalism, German Expressionism, French Poetic Realism, Italian Neo-Realism, British Cinema of the 1950s, French Nouvelle Vague, Surrealism and European Art Cinema, and European Popular Cinema. Belgrade, Serbia-based designer (b. © 2011 Hatje Cantz. At Herrworth, he was involved in introducing IKEA into the German market. The following text was excerpted from his wikipedia page: At 14 years of age, Wiescher went to Paris to study fine art. [Google] Fonts from 2011: Plebeya (2011, connected hand), Mimi's Hand Connected, Legendaria (an extensive connected calligraphic family). Expressionism Fonts for Web & Desktop, including Nolde, Millettre, Gulitov. HelvAssim (1999). Franziska created the text typeface Porta Serif and the science journal text typeface Sphera in 2014. Graphicfresh home page. [More]  ⦿. His typefaces, with notes on digitizations: In 1984, Wolfgang Hendlmeier discussed the blackletter typefaces in Koch's oeuvre: A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Brief bio by Wolfgang Hindlmeier (1984). Pavlodar, Kazakhstan-based designer (b. Font Squirrel link. Degraded and textured. German type designer (b. Achim, 1880, d. Darmstadt, 1954), brother of the more famous "Kleukens", Friedrich Wilhelm (1878-1956). Muskeg. [Google] Typefaces from 2020: Stupid Meeting (an all caps sans with a comic book feel, appropriately named to describe most COVID era Zoom work sessions), Toyster (a plumpish typeface), Wonderbar 2 (psychedelic, all caps), Boldstrom (a tightly spaced heavy industrial sans), Reisenberg, Snicker Snack, Crosshatcher (a sketched font), Czesko (a skyline font), Storybook Ending (a mix of uncial and Tuscan), Toyster (a bubblegum font). These include Kabel (a sans), and Neuland (an angular poster face). After graduation Rasmus joined Overtone in Aarhus. Shire Pro followed in 2011 and Shire Arabic in 2012. Overtone specializes in branding and corporate type design. Today, he is one of Colombia's principal type designers. The Arabic emulation typefaces Bayram (2020) and Sinbad (2018). Commissioned and special typefaces include a version of the logotype for the Munich's newspaper Abendzeitung, Maxi (variable width sans), NIC Grotesk, Tric (art deco), a Cyrillic version of Bodoni Classic for Vogue Moscow, a special Bodoni Classic for Ringier Publishers in Zurich, and Red Tape, a typeface that is on permanent exhibition at the German National Library in Leipzig. He won an award at Tipos Latinos 2012 and at TDC 2013 for Karol. He created the minimal sans serif family Estate (2009, T-26). Abstract Fonts link. [Google] [More]  ⦿. A fat signage typeface. Other clients include Ferrari and Philip Morris. Designer Website: N/A. Oval form. From 2015 to 2019 she studied graphic design with a focus on type design at HAW Hamburg under Jovica Veljovic. Schneidler Schwabacher (2004). View Gert Wiescher's typefaces. Home page. Styles. L: Latin CT (2008,, 6 styles), Latin Wide, Laureat, Lise Informal (2008, hand-printed), Lombardy. With Alessio Leonardi, he co-founded Fontology. [More]  ⦿, Delve Withrington Joshua Darden (b. In 1998, he obtained a Masters degree in business administration. Klingspor link. The typefaces: Behance link. Founding members were Fritz Bleyl, Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.Later members were Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein and Otto Mueller.The seminal group had a major impact on the evolution of modern art in the 20th century and the creation of expressionism. Author index. Some time in or just before 2015, he broke his relationship with Latinotype. See DS-Jessen-Schrift (1998, Christian Spremberg), Peter Jessen Schrift (. Creative Market link. expressionism font list More... logoskate. In 2017: Eyechart (heavy slab serif), Border Control (inline), Espresso Dolce (rounded sans), Gotisch Weiss, Halt (a dry brush typeface after Walter Hoehnisch's Stop from 1939), Kanzler, Llewie (rounded sans), Schulze Werbekraft (expressionist, after Arthur Schulze, 1926). Miguel contributed greatly to the early success of the Chilean type foundry Latinotype which he cofounded in 2007 with Felipe Soto in Concepción, Chile. After a 1911 typeface from Bauersche Giesserei. [More]  ⦿. I wanted to create a typeface inspired by the appearance of Modula Tall in Marathon. The hand-crafted typefaces Diana (2020), Flood In London (2019), Milord (2018), Sex and Breakfast (2018), Sweet Handwrite (2018), Industrial Revolution (2018), Oh Maria (2017), Sofija (2017) and Travelling (2017). Winner at Tipos Latinos 2018 of a type design award for Elizeth. Klingspor link. Interview by Planète Typographie. 1873. A non-exhaustive list includes . No downloads or sales. In its first year, Hanoded was a free font outfit specializing in handwriting and hand-printed typefaces. Dafont link. Klingspor). Klingspor link. MyFonts.Com is selling the fonts. [More]  ⦿. Saved by Dan Corvin Pamplona. Typefaces from 2019: My Tara (a thick brush script), Natron Rough, Kalli Hand, Kalli Sketch. Born in 1977 in Concepcion Chile, he studied Graphic Design at Universidad del BioBio State University in Chillan, Chile. Movie directors influenced by it include Alfred Hitchcock and Tim Burton (e.g., in his Edward Scissorhands). Creative Market link. Koch Kursiv (1923, Gebr. Designer at Elsner&Flake of the "BB Afrodite typefaces" in 1995: EF Biba Babe, EF BornFree (hardcore grunge), EF Craze, EF It, EF Jame, EF Literally, EF Little Joe. Typefaces from 2018: Fontuna (+stencil), Sansterdam (a geometric condensed grotesk with a few deco styles), Ethna (a fashion mag sans typeface family), Voguer Sans (a free Latin / Cyrillic display typeface with fashion applications in mind), Ravenholm (an expressionist blackletter), Jorick (vintage, Latin and Cyrillic), Ultravog and Ultravog Glitch Black (extreme contrast stencil styles: free), Walpurgis Night, Voguer (a high-contrast fashion mag font), Voguer II (didone-inspired, accompanied by a script typeface). Related tags. J: Jensen Arabique (left field art deco, based on work of Gustav Jensen, 1933). Cortina (2011). The original typeface was by Carl Albert Fahrenwaldt 1901), Proletarsk (a grotesk face). The Pragmata and Sys series were optimized for screen usage. Yet another Creative Market link. During World War II, Preissig supported the Czech resistance and was arrested in 1940. Their typefaces are published through Elsner & Flake. Behance link. [Google] Founding members were Fritz Bleyl, Erich Heckel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.Later members were Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein and Otto Mueller.The seminal group had a major impact on the evolution of modern art in the 20th century and the creation of expressionism. See also Koch Kursiv groß (1929, Gebr. SerpentisBlack (2004). Weber in Stuttgart. [More]  ⦿. To be used with Enya's music in the background. Type announcements. [MyFonts] It visualizes the country's collective anxiety through distorted and nightmarish imagery. [Google] FontStructor (aka Four, or Font Studio Four) who made the dot matrix typeface Numbat (2012), the athletic lettering typefaces Atletica (2011) and Atletica Serif (2011), and the texture typeface Milky Way (2011). [Google] He died in 1944 in the Dachau concentration camp. In 2020, she added Zangezi Sans Text. Grosse Black (2014). The digitization was made possible after Janusz Tryzno acquired the fonts from Poltawski's estate. She is a visiting lecturer at HBK Saar and LHI Reykjavík, and a mentor at Alphabettes, a network to support and promote women in the type industry. Behance link. In 2012 Aleksandra graduated from the Type and Media program at KABK, Den Haag. An Arabic simulation typeface done with Manfred Klain's assistance. Scanbats: Retro-People (2020), Vladimir (2019: Putin scanbats), Portraits de Femmes (2019: scanbats), Notre Dame and Notre Dame de Paris (2019: scanbats), Hollywood Actors (2019: scanbats), European Leaders (2018: scanbats), Trumpolina (2018: Trump scanbats). Klingspor link. [Petra Heidorn]. Another Creative Market link. [MyFonts] Typefaces from 2019: Deutschlander 2.0 (an organic monoline sans, with coverage of Cyrillic and Greek), Zanzabar (a genie lamp or Arabic emulation typeface), Vonique 43 (an organic fashion mag sans), Delacorso Outlines (tall decorative caps), Kwixter Sketch (for Latin and Cyrillic). Elena designs logos, retail and custom fonts. The essay must be typed, … These were quite symbolic and stylized. On August 28, 2001, Dennis announced that he would stop producing fonts, forever. [More]  ⦿. Personal web site. [Google] Typefaces from 2017: Chuca Mono, Lordela (an angular German expressionist typeface), Abisinia (a unicase poster font). His early typefaces include Hot Pizza (2001), Hawaiian Punk, Royal Acidbath, Little Caesar, Subway, Holiday India, Mobsters, Dallas Cowboys (Western look, 2004), Dark Crystal, Queen of Camelot (2015), Green Eggs and Spam (2015), Ludlow Strong Ale (2015, German beer label font), Space Angel (2014), Electrox, Cowboys, Dolphins, Viking Stencil, Lexust (2002), Padaloma (2002), Fujita Ray (2002), Willy Wonka, Hursheys, Grinched (a Halloween or beatnik font), Honda, Busch Gardenz, Holiday India (2000), Simpsons, Blockbusted, IHOP, Chicken Fool A, Playtoy, Cowboys (2001), Dreamscar (2001, has a Cyrillic version), Mr. Goodbaur, Dr. Peppers, Oreos, Air Millhouse, Fruitopia, Raiders, TGI Friday, Jolly-Raunchy, Mouser, Pirate-Keg, Fujita Ray (2015), Modeccio (2015, art deco), Wendyville (2015, Western), Vonique 64 (2015, avant-garde style), Your Royal Majesty (2015, a unique blackletter-inspired vampire script), Hackney Block (2015), Thunder Lord (2015, an outlined variant of Raiderfont), Republica Minor (2015), News of the World (2015: a news headline font), TH3 Machine (2015), Funkrocker (2015, inky, grungy), Tiki Tropic (2015: a tiki font), TypoGraphica (2015, a strong geometric sans), Vonique 92 (2015, circle-based fashion sans), Reisenberg (2015, a black titling sans; v2.0 dates from 2018).

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