Brown, like gray, is a neutral color and a nice complement to gray. It is Benjamin Moore River Reflections 1552. Before diving into fantastic color combinations, you will want to evaluate the richness and undertones of your walls. As you can see, the place has more portions of dark hues, especially from the brown hardwood floor. This idea can also be about how to bring the natural feeling in the interior. Leather seats always provide a fabulous way in adding brown tone in your grey and brown interior. If you already have a fireplace in the room, you can consider this as a remodeling idea too. It shows us that the orange color is not only applicable to furniture and decorations. It is a good thing because the appearance can also create an inviting atmosphere to make people feel like spending time in the place. From so many ways available to build up rustic look in your living room, adding wooden element is the one we recommend the most. Painting all sides of the wall in your living room with brown color is another attractive idea you should give a try. Black accents are also great to add in grey and brown living area. An open concept living room/kitchen, light wood floors, light grey walls, and accent stone walls in earth colors (beige, tan, brown, grey). Adding warm tones in your grey and brown living area is a way to make the room looks warmer than before. Please Find your local store for inventory. To be more specific, the cushion is in warm greige tone. Get in touch to discuss the possibilities! If red tends to give the room a passionate atmosphere, an orange color provides the room with an eclectic and trendy look instead. If you question why soft grey tones are the recommended pairing for the brown colors, there is only one answer available. They can absorb sounds and noises to create a better and more comfortable environment. We don't blame you! If by any chance you have a grey and brown living area with an ordinary look, you can make it extraordinary by adding a chocolate accent wall. Go for gray walls and carpet to create the perfect backdrop for key pieces of different shapes. As you can see although the accent wall has a slightly dark tone it has a pretty soft look. Since the three colors are neutral, it won’t be hard for them to get along together. Many of those colors come from grey category needed in the room theme. The best thing about this idea is that you should not always have to add permanent gold accent in the room if you don’t want to. Brown and gray are both neutrals, and they appear together way more than you may have noticed (nature, for example). As a suggestion, when you choose to install a wooden accent wall like this, it would be great if you select greige wall tone as the pairing. The short answer is any color you can imagine. Finding the time to bake has never been my strong point, but I thought that I would give it a shot. Contemporary Grey Living Room with Brown Wall, 11. In other words, the place has a quite simple design. Natural stone is available in a vast range of colors. Phillip Jefferies makes this gorgeous paper and I am dying to just fill a home with this wonderful beauty! Adding something temporary so that you can replace it with other items in the future is OK to do. Does brown furniture and grey carpet and walls match? Another impressive detail you shouldn’t miss from this interior is the wall color. Grey and Brown Living Room with Natural Stone Element, 21. Grey and Brown Living Room with Two-Tone Seat, 8. The reason is that chairs are less bulky than the couch. This next idea might sound a bit uncommon but it is quite impressive to try. When you look at the color wheel, colors arranged directly across from one another are considered complementary. Since there are two specific primary colors here, it would be best for the fireplace to have a compatible tone too. The room has a limestone fireplace in a creamy colour. No matter how dark the tone is brown color still can create a warm look in any living area. Coffee table accessories, throw pillows, and an area rug bring in additional vibrant … So feel free to keep that beige sofa or beige floor or beige paint color and simply change out a few things to gray. The … Pairing grey and brown color in your living room interior is not a difficult thing to do. In the picture above, for example, the fireplace has a brown color that matches all the wooden elements in the room. So, yes, they can be a perfect pairing – and they also work well with many other colors. Here, the designer doesn’t make the accent wall from wood panels. Although brown and gray blend naturally outdoors, they may seem like a less natural color combination for indoor spaces. If you don’t have a lot of cash, you need to find some affordable pillowcases with animal print style to cover the pillows you already have in your living room. The light grey sectional can avoid the room from looking dark. Of course whites will always work, especially if you want a light, clean and airy look. Carpet and wall color combinations, especially with gray, all depends on the shade of your walls. Because of this, the sofas are not only suitable for a living room belongs to a male homeowner but also the one that has too much feminine touch. They are also a very suitable choice to pick when your place has more plain items instead of the patterned one as shown in the picture above. It can arrest more attention, and it becomes the reason why this fireplace type is perfect for living room’s focal point. It even looks well with the grey wall paint as the background. Combining the two colors will result in something gorgeous, and you will love it. Walls are a really dark grey and make the room look to dark so will need repainting. Sea-foam green walls form the foundation of this living room's colorful palette. Even before I knew if we were having a boy or girl, I knew I wanted a very calm, neutral and serene space. On the contrary, if the interior has a darker scheme as shown in the example, black accents will not only strengthen the color theme but at the same time also make all tones in the room pops. Besides, the design looks beautiful too. It is also excellent because it is catchy. The idea is creating a mural to make the wall the decoration itself. Besides, this wall can also bring a rustic touch that can make your living area even more attractive. Grey Living Room with Brown Herringbone Wooden Flooring, 7. A different approach to melding a brown floor with gray walls is to decorate in a soft natural palette focusing on moss greens, wheat, ecru and other shades of brown including tan. Even if the place has a rather small size, it won’t be a matter of the coziness is enough to make people feel comfortable being in there. While it is clear that the brown ottoman table gives warmth to the room, you can see that the grey couches also have a warm undertone, so all these furniture pieces have a contribution in building up the warm feel in the room. Here, the portion of teal color is not too much, so it doesn’t cause any trouble to the primary color theme. If being asked about whether or not green color is suitable with grey and brown, the answer is yes. When we found out we were having a sweet girl, I added mint green accents to the nursery and played with different textures in the cream and white items. It is not too bright but still manages to make the place has a cozy and warm atmosphere. It means you can find the right one to meet the grey and brown color limitation. Most of the designs are not that hard to do, but it’s also true that some of them need more effort to be done. In the picture above, the chairs have a traditional style. Don't forget that gray is neutral: There are some color schemes that contain gray and beige together, but it is probably a good idea to base your palette on one or the other. Grey and Brown Living Room with Gold Accent, 19 Most Interesting Grey and Teal Living Room Ideas to Get Inspired by, 15 Awesome Blue and Grey Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love. Even the brown leather chairs look well when paired with the sectional couch yet both of them have a somewhat different style. This idea is specific because leather sofas in bulky style as shown in the picture above have a rather intense masculine look. Gold accents can give something vibrant to your living room, especially when it mostly has neutral tones like brown and grey. The reason why we recommend you to choose suede seats is that the primary material brings a modern and subtle look to the interior environment. The excellent example you can see in the pic is the tall natural stone wall, which is also another center of attention in the room. Grey and brown living room has one of the best color combinations. If you are looking for some inspirations to decorate your living room with brown and grey tones, in this post there are 21 most attractive ideas you have to check out. Floors with an orange undertone look pleasing to the eye paired with wall colors in the blue family. Also a dark brown coffee table, brown and tan accent pilllows, same earth tones on kitchen countertops, and a lot of grey in the kitchen cabinets/backsplash. As for the brown and grey combination, you can see that everything looks right in the room. Lead-grey walls and flooring, with a charcoal sofa, set a sophisticated tone. — Joe Berkowitz, Founder, JAB Design Group As long as you can pick the right two-tone things, nothing will go wrong. Post navigation He makes it from high-quality wooden flooring material instead. It is such a suitable choice to pick for a nice-looking interior as shown in the picture of farmhouse brown and grey living room above, which has a lot of soft grey tones in it. In the example above, the gold accent, which is the gold bar cart, is also not permanent. It can be both elegant and dramatic. The size of these furniture pieces is quite small. The way to do that is quite easy. This is one of my favorite projects (emerald gr... Name: Harper Location: Houston, Texas When we found out we were expecting, I was so excited to get started on the nursery. With the brown-grey fabric acoustic panels, the living area doesn’t only look good, but it also gets noise reduction. Grey and Brown Living Room with Sectional and Ottomans Combo, 14. No matter what, the combo between grey and brown tones is already an attractive one. Grey and Brown Living Room with Black Accents, 20. Grey and Brown Living Room with Bulky Leather Sofa, 18. Another excellence you also need to know about chocolate accent wall is that the tone makes the room cozier. Sorry, the product you were searching for is no longer available. While you can freely choose what image you want to draw on the wall, which is, of course, suitable to the room’s style, you need to consider the coloring of the mural art. The same goes for beige carpets too – this neutral shade really comes to life when it is paired with a grey sofa. While it is true that the golden cart serves a decorative value in the living room, it isn’t wrong if you want to remove it later because of some specific reasons. A light grey sofa would go well with a dark grey carpet, adding contrast and a minimalist style, while a charcoal grey sofa goes nicely with light grey flooring (again for the same reasons). In other words, you use the stone to create a fireplace surround. In other words, it will vary if you have light gray or dark gray paint. Although so, it isn’t something for you to worry too much since a practical solution is available. Grey and Brown Living Room with Chocolate Accent Wall, 10. You need to pair one or more soft grey tones with a brown color that resemble the ones you can find in nature. What carpet colors and color patterns are options? Your email address will not be published. The wall paint used in this room has a quite similar look to Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029 or Worldly Gray SW 7043. This next brown and grey idea for a living room is suitable to pick when you already have a sectional, but you also think that you need more seats in your living room. This wood paneling can contribute a beautiful natural brown color to the room. Neutral tones including grey hues remain some of the hottest colors on the market. The existence of the chocolate accent wall doesn’t only make the room looks attractive. While the green view outside the place looks refreshing, the designer seems to keep the interior warm by using mostly warm tones in there. This idea is great to consider when you do realize that bulky-looking furniture can create a heavy look in your interior and you don’t want such look to appear in your place. Just in case that you are curious, the wall color is Old Country Tan by Valspar. The answer to this question is available in the picture above. They are also beneficial because of the unique ability they have. The simplest way to show the strong couch color to advantage is to paint walls and ceiling a creamy white like vanilla, or a pale off-white such as unbleached linen. This benefit makes the idea perfect for an open living room l, such as the one shown in the picture above. The question then is: how to add natural stone as a source of grey tone in your living area? But, the right shade of brown can also be inspiring, traditional, cozy and super sleek. The solution is using more portions of bright tones in the room to reduce the heavy look as well as avoiding cramped impression. Another attractive idea you need to consider is the idea of using a rustic theme in your brown and grey living room. This furniture piece can also add elegance and specific style based on the design it has. Grey and Brown Living Room with Green Patterned Pillows, 5. Grey and Brown Living Room with Floor to Ceiling Fireplace, 6. But if you do opt to pair a white rug with your brown couch, remember that color isn’t the only way to create contrast. Gold accents can also make any room more attractive and luxurious even if the place has a very simple or minimalist design. Jennifer Adams and her design team offer do-it-yourself design tips to viewers seeking to add spice to their homes through interesting décor. The next idea you should try is placing suede seats in your living room. So, I decided to make buckeyes, one of my wife’s favorites. My daughter used it in a bathroom with a rich brown toned vanity and it looked great, but took on a tan undertone, while still looking gray. From deep rich chocolate to soft, muted taupe, brown is the great equalizer and goes with everything. Instead of choosing a warm color that is too common as a pairing in the color scheme, such as red or yellow, why don’t you pick orange as the option? Grey and Brown Living Room with Teal Accents, 2. This limited color options, but today technology allows us to get more colors with almost any carpet material (sometimes carpet material can make a difference. Not only do white rugs go with everything, they do a wonderful job of bringing out the rich undertones of warmer colors such as brown. But be … Do not be afraid to experiment with gray and beige: If you are inspired by a complex, yet subdued, look, go with it. Grey and Brown Living Room with Mural Wall, 15. It is especially for the one connected directly to the accents such as the grey couch and the black pillows in the pic. Those include the two tones of the sofa, the orange color of the small table, the greige rug, and the medium-tone hardwood flooring. As a source of inspiration, you can check out the picture of a contemporary living room above. It is none other, but the idea of using acoustic panels for the wall instead of just painting the wall or covering it with different types of paneling. Grey and Brown Living Room with Animal Print Pillows, 16. Grey and Brown Living Room with Fabric Acoustic Panel Wall, 17. Take a look at Revere Pewter. The last but not least idea is pairing grey and brown tones in the living room with gold accents. It proves that you do not need to change the entire living room interior to make it more attractive. A good example to get inspired from is the use of wooden accent wall as shown in the picture above. This way, you can spend time in the space more conveniently. Grey and Brown Living Room with Suede Seats, 4. In the example above, the greige wall tone is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172. Learn more about: Cookie Policy, 21 Most Attractive Grey and Brown Living Room Ideas You Must Check out, 1. Brown living room. The color wheel makes it easy to find a wall color and flooring color that will look fantastic with one another. Both colors belong to neutral category so placing them in a place will never be a problem. Surely, color options are not the only benefit offered by the panels. Leather furniture is something that isn’t only able to add bold look in your living room interior. Gray Paint Brown Carpet 3 Most Attractive Choices Of Color Carpet Goes With Gray Bedroom ... What Color Walls Go With Dark Gray Carpet; Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Related. Gray can be a combination of white/black (cold)…but more ‘comfortable’ when it is toned. This fact can explain why there are not many items in the room. Ottomans are the recommended type for you to pick here and there are some reasons behind this suggestion. While the brown color is suitable to the theme we talk about in this post, the design seems to be a good pairing for the grey leather sectional, which also has elegance value in it. This fascinating idea is not merely about how you can get the outside view right from inside your house. Floor to ceiling fireplace is more prominent than a regular one. Even if you need more seats in the living room, pairing the sofa with another type of furniture for seating like chairs or even couches is not a good idea since they will only make the room look cramped and bulky in a negative way. Grey and Brown Living Room with Leather Chairs, 9. Of course, teal is an excellent accent color to add to the room because it is also an agreeable color to the other two tones. The specific type we recommend you to choose in this idea is the bulky leather sofa. The picture example above is a quite interesting one. About the specific color scheme we discuss here, green pillows are an excellent recommendation to consider. The decorations are not too much as well. Selecting Carpet to Match Gray Walls. The cool color has shades, such as ice and steel blue, to balance reddish browns, along with warmer hues, such as teal and robin's egg, to accentuate cooler browns. The recommended thing is a two-tone seat with the combination of grey and brown colors. Different tones of brown virtually divide this living room in three horizons. Whites. Required fields are marked *, Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. Other than the floor to ceiling fireplace, there is another excellent idea you can get from the same picture. It means, choosing any of the ideas listed about will never fail you. And all of those attributes mostly depend on the colors its paired with. These aren’t plain green pillows but the patterned one. I think I have fallen hard for metallic grasscloth wallpaper. Are you the type of person who always sticks to neutrals—who can't seem to escape the best white paint colors, best brown paint colors, and best greige paint colors when it comes to decorating your home? Neutral territory. How to choose a carpet color with dark brown leather furniture? It is the idea of using wood paneling for wall and ceiling. it looks very light gray in some pictures but can also go well with some Browns. It also gives a new look to the room without giving any problem to the soft color scheme in there. These colors are classics for a reason, and they go with almost every color. "The color brown is a wonderful neutral that can both carry or accent a room design. Green patterned pillows are not just decorations that can give a refreshing touch to your grey and brown living area. This room has the combination of contemporary and minimalist styles. Leather chairs are also a better choice than a leather sofa. Indeed, since the seats are an essential element in any living room, they must have grey or brown color to match the theme correctly.

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