Effective. All rights reserved. However, when the wounds heal faster, then it also means the body has strong immune system that can fight many diseases. Celosia argentea is used as an ornamental in gardens worldwide, but it is not often planted for food outside of West Africa. Celosia argentea cristata . Personally, this is not my favourite; the only time I buy it is when I am not able to get Amaranthus hybridus (efo tete). cristata (L.) ... Has medicinal properties. It has also been used in the past for skin sores, eruptions, and mouth sores. One of the health benefits of Celosia Argentea is to cure skin condition named eczema. The seeds contain an oil. ABSTRACT. Moreover, the part of the plant that linked with the function is the seeds. When the body is being poisoning by snake, you can try to neutralize the poison by Celosia Argentea. The plant is said to be diuretic and haemostatic and it is used in West Africa, to hasten childbirth. This study aims to investigate its antimicrobial activity against a number of fungal and bacterial In Nigeria, its leaves are incorporated into stews with onions, eggplant, meat or fish, peanut butter and hot pepper. The Celosia argentea L. has enormous traditional uses against various diseases. In a study by Vanitha Varadharaj and Jayalakshmi Muniyappan of Vels university, Department of Biochemistry India, the seed paste of C argentea were found to cure ovarian and uterine disease. The flowers and seeds are astringent, haemostatic, ophthalmic, parasiticide and poultice. Figure 1: Celosia argentea. It is propagated by seeds. The root has been use used as a treatment of colic, gonorrhea as well as eczema. Seeds of Celosia Argentea clear liver fire. Those compounds that help the body in cure some diseases. The country that uses the plant to treat fever is Sri Lanka. Latin name: Celosia argentea cristata Synonyms: Celosia cristata Family: Amaranthaceae (Amaranth Family, Pigweed Family) Medicinal use of Common Cockscomb: The flower and seed is astringent, haemostatic, ophthalmic, parasiticide and poultice. Diarrhea is a problem that happens to the digestive system. Celosia orginated in Africa. The dietetic value was well proven by prisoners-of-war in Japanese hands in Thailand (1942–45), who ate it as spinach with good results against beri-beri and pellagra. Figure 2: Celosia cristata. They started eating with me when I began cooking it. The conclusion of the study is that the Celosia species possess anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-ageing, anti-malarial, anti-plasmodic, hepato-protective and immune-stimulating activities in conformity with a large number of related studies. It is used in the treatment of blood-shot eyes, blurring of vision, cataracts and hypertension but should not be used by people with glaucoma because it dilates the pupils. Description: Celosia argentea, commonly known as plumed cockscomb, or the silver cock's comb, - for more info about Celosia argentea var. A study indicates C. trigyna to be efficacious in the management of gastric ulcers. It is propagated by seeds which are very small. Celosia argentea L., Amaranthaceae, is widely used as traditional medicine with a long history in China. Common cockscomb is an important and nutritious vegetable. It is characterized by its brightly coloured flowers in red or purple. Celosia trigyna is a large plant that uses the canopies of herbs as support in the wild while Celosia argentea is an erect plant cultivated commercially. This topic will deal with a weed named soko which is popularly as lagos spinach, celosia, plumed cockscomb or silver cock… When I was observing the National Youth Service Corps scheme in Plateau State, I had a fresh supply of it because it was planted in front of my hut, grown as an ornamental plant! Readers should always consult his/her physician before using or consuming a plant for medicinal purposes. argentea or Lagos spinach (a.k.a. In Ethiopian folk medicine, the seeds are used for diarrhoea and the flowers are used to treat dysentry and muscular troubles. It is one of the leading leaf vegetables in south-western Nigeria, where it is known as ‘soko yòkòtò’ in the Yoruba language, meaning ‘make husbands fat and happy’. The seed contains a fatty oil and a quantity of potassium nitrate. The plant is included in several medicinal preparations used to treat women’s disorders and diseases, including ovarian troubles in DR Congo and excessive menstruation in Ethiopia. They are usually combined with other herbs to assist, to counterbalance, or to taste. It also has an antibacterial action, inhibiting the growth of pseudomonas. Species epithet means ‘silvery’, as flower base is silvery while variety name ‘cristata’ means crested, referring to the foldings and crests in the flowers. Plants and trees are a wonderful species which continues to do its duty non-stop day and night and reaches great heights in life.

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